Source: Emily Maynard Cheated On ‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 18, 2011

Since the season finale of The Bachelor aired this week, people have been questioning whether Brad Womack has split from the woman he chose this season, Emily Maynard. The two were interviewed by People Magazine this week, stating that there are kinks within their relationship, but they are working on it. According to reports close to Maynard, she was upset with Brad after she watched the episodes of the season on ABC as they aired, and she was angry that Brad was with confessed his love to as many women as he did, not to mention how many women he was intimate with.

PHOTO: The gorgeous ring Brad gave Emily.

The latest news out of the two, according to In Touch Magazine is that Emily Maynard herself has been unfaithful to the Bachelor. While Brad was participating in a reality series to find women of his dreams, Emily was upset with the women he was with, yet she was cheating on him herself after the reality series concluded?

PHOTOS: ‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack proposes to Emily Maynard during the season finale

According to a “source” close to In Touch, Maynard has secretly been dating a man behind Brad’s back in Charlotte, North Carolina. Whether or not Brad took this into consideration and was aware of Emily being unfaithful while doing the interview with People and that played into the two retooling their relationship, is unknown at this point. But can anyone really be surprised that another Bachelor relationship is on the rocks? How many have actually worked in all the years of the Bachelor?

By the way, check out the beautiful ring Womack gave Maynard in our photo gallery, along with photos of him proposing to her in the season finale. You can check those out by clicking here

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