Simon Cowell Dresses As James Bond To His Brother’s Birthday Party

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 14, 2011

Simon Cowell, best known for being a judge on FOX’s American Idol, appeared at his brother’s birthday bash dressed in a James Bond costume. The 51-year-old appeared at the 50th birthday bash of his brother with what looked like a real scar on his face. He joked to those present at the party that he did cut his face while he was shaving.

Several people including Simon’s ex Sinita were present. His fiancée Mezhgan Hussainy was also present with an interesting look. The 37-year-old was dressed like a real Bond girl complete with a toy gun. A guest at the party later told the Mirror that, “Everyone was having a ball enjoying martinis, shaken not stirred, watching dancers sprayed in gold at the casino tables.”

The costumes worn by Cowell and Hussainy were meant to pay homage to Bond super-villain Ernst Blofeld. Cowell is currently one of the most powerful television personalities in the world. The success of his signature show, X Factor in Great Britain has positioned him in a great way to launch the US version of the show soon. The party for Nicholas was held at London’s Quaglinos restaurant on Saturday night. There were several stars present at the event.

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