Shakira Ends Her 11 Year Relationship With Antonio De La Rua

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 13, 2011

Colombian pop singer Shakira has confirmed that she recently became single, thereby ending her 11 year old relationship with Antonio de la Rua. In a recent announcement, the “Waka Waka” singer said that she is no longer engaged to Antonio de la Rua. The news actually came up as a joint confirmation from both Shakira and Antonio de la Ra who posted the news of their split in the celebrity singer’s personal web page.

The couple have dated each other for eleven long years before they finally called it quits last year. The duo announced that they had actually called their engagement in August last year but made a late announcement because they did not intend to invite the unwanted attention of the public. Hence, the declaration has arrived almost five months later. The 23 year old singer, however, made it clear that Antonio de la Ra, who is also her agent and business partner, would continue to act as her business agent.

The two although have ended their romantic link-up but are not keen to lose each other’s presence in their lives. They said that they are still on good terms of friendship which they intend to carry forward. The couple claims that they share an immense bond of friendship which helps them to understand and respect their mutual feelings and decisions. Reportedly Shakira currently is in Paris with Antonio de la Ra, who is also the son of Argentina’s former President Fernando de la Rua.

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