Selena Gomez — I Have No Plans To Marry Justin Bieber

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 31, 2011

Fans of pop star Justin Bieber remain envious that the 17-year-old remains off the market and has been linked with Selena Gomez for over half a year now, but they should know that there are no plans for them to take the next step in the relationship — for now, anyway. Disney star Selena Gomez, 19, says that her relationship with Bieber is “all good” but feels that they’re both too young to get married. “No, I’m only 19,” Gomez said when she was asked.

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The Gomez and Bieber relationship has apparently gotten so serious that according to Star magazine, Bieber was implored by his parents to use protection when he is with Gomez. A source for the magazine earlier this month stated that he was told “straight up that if he’s [being intimate with Gomez], he better use protection”. The source added, “Everyone knows their intentions are good, but they also know how easy it is to get worked up when you’re young and in love. It would only take a few moments of weakness to cause what could be a lifetime of regret.”

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Gomez also turned her attention to Transformers star Shia LaBeouf, who she recently met. Although she is linked with Bieber, she isn’t afraid to admit that she really likes LaBeouf, who like her, got his big break in the industry on the Disney Channel series Even Stevens. “I was so happy when I saw Shia,” she told Reveal magazine. She added, “I was so starstruck. He probably thinks I’m crazy and I probably made a fool out of myself, but I love him. I have literally been obsessed with him since I was 15.”

  • maria

    selana just need to stop acting like that.she know she wants to get marriend but jb dont.shes trying to make jbs fans made but were gonna beat tha shit out of her.sooo stop touching on him like that.thats y r loosing ur fans u bitch all of jb fans hate u.sooo ur a hater cuz we look better then u.

  • Tastetherainbows

    I think selena can do better!!!

  • Destinysaal

    yeah that selena gomez is not dating justin

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  • Daisha BREEHANA

    WOW , yall really need to stop hating on them ! If you guys really love justin like you say you do , you guys will be happy to see him happy ! I hope the stay to get for a long time and be blind to the haters , ALL OF YALL ((:

  • selena gamez is dating justin bieber

  • Destinysaal

    the real destinysaal it a bad i dedai selena you sould not date him.he would date me. right now so now he is chating on you.