Sean Kingston Recovering Following Jet-Ski Accident

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jun. 04, 2011

Beautiful Girls singer Sean Kingston is recovering following a jet-ski accident this past Saturday over Memorial Day weekend, according to TMZ. The event happened when Kingston crashed a jet he recently purchased near Star Island in Miami. After the crash, he fell into the water and shortly afterward was put on the boat belonging to a good Samaritan who spotted the whole thing happening. After he was put on the boat, the stranger said he was coughing up blood, but Kingston understood what happened.

Doctors first projected that it would take nearly six months for Kingston to make a full recovery, but he is now making significant recovery, as he is already communicating with head nods and sign language, according to TMZ. Kingston still has a breathing tube in his mouth. Kingston was in critical condition shortly after the accident, but has since stabilized and has been transferred to the ICU. Kingston, 21, suffered a broken jaw and fractured wrist from the wreck.