Sarah Palin To Defend Tea Party, Criticize Obama At Rally Today

Written by Keith Roberts on Sep. 03, 2011

Former Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin will address supporters at a Tea Party rally in Indianola, Iowa today, and a few details of what she is expected to talk about have been leaked.

Members of Palin’s team note that she will be giving a “full throated defense of the Tea Party,” which comes after national support for the movement dwindled after many Democrats accused them of holding the debt ceiling hostage during negotiations in July. A New York Times poll last month showed that 40% now disapprove of the Tea Party with 20% approving. In April 2010, 21% of Americans polled said that they approved of the movement while 18% said they disapproved.

The VP choice of John McCain in 2008, which is when she came to the national spotlight, isn’t expected to announce that she’s running for the in 2012, however, those close to her camp say. Rather, she is going to continue to test the waters about possibly running.

Sources say that Palin may talk about a Twitter post that she posted on August 25, in which she posted a link to a Youtube web video called “Obama lies 7 times in under 2 minutes.” She noted that she will be “talking about this and more on September 3rd.”

She is expected to make sharp criticisms at the President Obama and will accuse him of failing to change the way Washington works.

“What she is going to address in this speech is the frustration that members of the tea party movement and ordinary Americans feel when they send politicians to Washington and nothing gets changed. There is a frustration that the status quo is always the status quo,” a source said.

A source notes that Palin will remind her supporters that she is an outsider from Washington and will talk about her record in Alaska, and will reference times when she called out the corrupt Republican Party in that state that were in cahoots with the oil and gas industry.

“Regardless of what she decides to do, this rally is for the Tea Party to kick off [the 2012 presidential] campaign,” the source said, adding that she will offer a “full throated defense of the Tea Party.”

While Palin hasn’t publicly announced if she is going to run, a new poll released by FOX News shows that 71% of Republicans and 66% of those that say they are part of the Tea Party don’t want Palin to run. However, she still polls in third place amongst Republican primary voters who were asked who they want to be the Republican presidential nominee. She polled in at 8% behind Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

  • Anonymous

    Same old stuff – criticizing others and trying to justify herself and the Tea Party.

    • Phil Burdine

      Much to criticize and much to defend.

      • Anonymous

        But neither fixes anything, and it’s a waste of time to defend something that does nothing.

  • Sarah Palin has been totally discredited by quitting the Alaskan governor’s position. She’s as scatterbrained as the rest of the tea baggers. Andre Carson was right when he said that the tea baggers want to see blacks hanging from trees. Andre Carson is not exaggerating and he should not apologize to the tea party no matter what the fallout. The tea party is our present day KKK, populated by rich, white racists who despise minorities, Muslims, immigrants, the middle class and the poor and we have to fight them like the cancer that they are. Eric Cantor is a real clown: suggesting that FEMA funding be held up until budget savings elsewhere can be found. These tea party morons have no qualms about sinking the US government. They are a terrorist organization and should be investigated by the FBI for advocating the overthrow of the USA. Mark Montgomery NYC, NY

    • Renthusband

      Mark if you listen to your self you will see that you are the problem