Ryan Dunn Dead: The Latest On Death Of ‘Jackass’ Star

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jun. 25, 2011

Following the tragic death of former Jackass star Ryan Dunn, where he was found dead after his car sped off a Pennsylvania road, flipped off a guardrail and landed into the woods and burst into flames, Bam Margera noted yesterday on Twitter that top Hollywood star Brad Pitt has sent his condolences to him for the loss of his good friend. “Wow, just got a nice text from Brad Pitt concerning Dunn,” Margera said. He added, “tnx 2 everyone for the texts, cheers me up.” Although Brad Pitt has since moved on to much more serious films in Hollywood in recent years, he worked with Dunn and Margera in several skits while Jackass aired on MTV back in the early 2000s.

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This comes days after Bam Margera admitted to a local FOX television affiliate in Pennsylvania that he knew something was wrong with his friend Ryan Dunn even before he received word that he was dead. Dunn, who broke down at the scene where Dunn passed away, said that while he was on vacation in Arizona, he started punching windows in his rental van and was ripping things apart, noting that he had a feeling something was wrong (click here to hear the touching tribute by Bam Margera to his friend Ryan Dunn).

As noted previously, Dunn reportedly had 11 drinks before he left Barnaby’s of America. That was an increase of the three drinks that police had previously known about. According to the latest investigation by police, in addition to the six shots and two beers he reportedly had on his tab, fans of his purchased three additional drinks for the former daredevil star. Staff at the bar said that Dunn didn’t appear to be drunk while he was at the bar.

In a stunning twist recently discovered in light of the news that Dunn has passed away, audio commentary has been discovered by the reality series Viva La Bam where Margera’s mother, April, Bam, and Dunn’s friend Tim talked about what a horrible driver that Ryan was and that he was constantly getting into car accidents. One person in the audio clip would even predict that Dunn would end his life in a car accident due to his need for speed. Following Dunn’s death, Margera’s mother told a local NBC affiliate that she warned him about driving quickly (click here to listen to the Youtube clip).

According to the toxicology report released by police, Dunn had more than twice the legal blood alcohol level (0.196 versus the legal 0.08 in Pennsylvania) as he sped down a 55mph zone road at dangerous speeds following spending time with friends at a bar called Barnaby’s of America in Westchester — reportedly between 132-140 miles in his 2007 Porsche. In the day following the accident, the car — absolutely destroyed following the accident — which was called the “worst accident” ever seen by a Police Chief Mike Carroll — was picked up at the scene of the accident and was taken to a junkyard.

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