Ryan Dunn Dead: New Details On Accident, Passenger Zac Was About To Start A Family

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jun. 28, 2011

Over the past week, most of the media has focused on the death of Jackass star Ryan Dunn, which makes sense considering Dunn was a household name and was a celebrity. But the person we didn’t know much about was the passenger that drove with Dunn after they left a bar in Westchester, Pennsylvania last Monday, Zachary Hartwell. Sandra Clark and Russ Weakland of HollywoodLife.com recently reached out to Hartwell’s father George to get a grasp at the kind of person that he was as he also was killed in the tragic car accident that happened in the early hours of Monday, June 20 when Dunn would lose control of his Porsche as it flipped over a guardrail, hit a tree, and landed in the woods.

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Zachary Hartwell — who simply went by the name “Zac” by his family — was a 30-year-old who was working with Dunn on a new documentary before he passed away, according to his father George Hartwell. “Besides being a comedic individual,” his father said, “my son was a loving individual, he was a tough individual. At the time, he had been working on a documentary about a very serious subject matter.” Being pressed about the upcoming documentary, George reveals that it will still indeed be released in the future, and he noted that Bam Margera was also involved in the project along with Zac and Ryan.

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Regarding the wife, Rachel, that Zac left behind, George disclosed that she is still “in shock” and that “she was not able to take part in any part of the funeral.” He reveals, however, that she still appeared. He also shared that Zac and his wife were considering starting a family and that Zac told the tidbit to his father just one day before he passed away on Father’s Day. “It’s funny, my son just told me on Father’s Day — the day before the accident — that they were thinking about starting a family,” George revealed.

In the interview with HollywoodLife, George also revealed new details on the crash itself, saying that the accident happened within “30 seconds” of Zac’s home, and that his wife actually heard the crash from their home, but didn’t think it had to do with her now late husband. George revealed that they hit a tree that was actually on Zac’s property and missed the turn because the speed that Dunn was going — reportedly between 132-140 miles per hour.

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George also announced that he wouldn’t be suing the estate of Ryan Dunn, saying that “Zac made the same mistakes. He speeds, he drives like a maniac, he drinks. Why should I make a monetary gain on my son’s death? It’s not going to bring him back. They both made the same mistake. Mistakes are made.” Zac’s father also shared that Zac comes from a military family and was deployed to Iraq just hours after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

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