Ryan Dunn Dead: Friends Predicted His Life Would End In Car Accident

Written by Rob Soto on Jun. 24, 2011

Bam Margera, a friend of the late Ryan Dunn — who died after speeding down a Pennsylvania road drunk after leaving a bar in the early hours of Monday morning — knew something happened to his Jackass co-star before he was told that he died, according to an interview that he did with a local FOX News affiliate. He explains that while he was in Arizona, he started freaking out around the time that his former co-star died, and that he was punching out windows and ripping out a stereo in his home. Below is the embedded Youtube clip of the local news affiliate:

Margera’s mother, April, spoke to the NBC affiliate in West Goshen, Pennsylvania and said that her son always drove too fast and that she was always yelling at him to slow down. In fact, during the audio commentary for the reality series Viva La Bam, Margera, April and Dunn’s friend Tim talked about what a horrible driver Ryan was. They also mentioned that he was always driving too fast and getting into accidents, which would ultimately lead to an unthinkable accident that the police chief would call the “worst accident” he’s ever seen in his career. In the audio commentary, they even mention that Dunn would probably die in a car accident. Hear the audio embedded below (contains some NSFW language):

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People Magazine reported that in the toxicology results released by police, the Jackass cast member had a blood alcohol level of 0.196, 59% above the legal limit in Pennsylvania, 0.08. In addition, police report that Dunn was speeding at about 132-140 miles in his 2007 Porsche 911 before he ultimately lost control of the car, flipped over a guardrail and landed in the woods. His car would then almost immediately engulf into flames.

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