Ryan Dunn Dead: Details On Dunn’s Final Hours At The Bar

Written by Rob Soto on Jun. 26, 2011

Jackass star Ryan Dunn died in the early hours of the morning Monday (June 20) and following the days after his death, details weren’t clear about the hours leading up to what would be his tragic death. Now, an old friend of his, Thaddeus Kalinoski, has spoken out to E! to clear up rumors and speculation about what would be his final hours while he visited the Barnaby’s of America bar in Westchester, Pennsylvania.

Kalinoski said that he and Dunn chatted about the former stunt man’s new television series that he hosted, Proving Ground on the G4 cable network, which premiered on June 14th and aired just one episode before Dunn’s untimely death. “He was really excited about [his new TV series that he hosted and] his new house,” Kalinoski told E!.

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Kalinoski said that afterward, they “started talking about skate boarding and…he started talking about [his former Jackass co-star] Bam [Margera] and how proud he was of him as a skate boarder.” In the interview, Kalinoski also cleared up some rumors and reports about how long Dunn stayed at the bar, insisting that Dunn was just at the bar for just “two hours”. “Reports were saying five hours, which is ludicrous,” he explained. “It was maybe two hours. He was the same person as he came in and as he left he was in good spirits, just really happy to be there with his friends.”

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The latest reports suggest that along with the two beers and six shots that Dunn had while he was at the bar (and confirmed by his tab), he also had three additional drinks that were purchased by his fans that were also in attendance. Following the incident, staff at the bar insisted that Dunn didn’t appear to be drunk while he was there, and Kalinoski seemed to agree with them.

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“When I heard it the next day, I didn’t believe it. I didn’t even think it was real.” Thinking back about the incident, he said that he would “go back and tell [Dunn] to stop, but it was just people out at a bar having drinks.” Regarding their visit at the bar, he said that it was just “guys at the bar drinking, relaxing, having a couple of drinks. That is all it was.”

According to police investigating the incident, Dunn had a blood alcohol level of 0.196. The legal limit in Pennsylvania is more than half that – 0.08. Police reported that Dunn was driving somewhere between 132-140 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone when he lost control of his car, it flipped over a guardrail, and landed into the woods. The car then would burst into flames. It is not clear whether Dunn and the passenger in the car, Dunn’s friend Zachary Hartwell, were killed from the impact of the crash or the fire that would come afterward, however.

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