Runn Dunn Dead: Person Spray Paints Hateful Remarks At Dunn’s Site Of Crash

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jun. 30, 2011

The site of Ryan Dunn’s tragic car accident has been vandalized. Just days ago, we reported that the father of Zachary Hartwell, who was also in the crash along with Dunn — described the accident as being just “30 seconds away” from Hartwell’s home where he lived along with his wife. This was also the same site where Dunn’s close friend Bam Margera visited after he abruptly left a vacation in Arizona to visit and mourn his friend once he heard about his tragic death.

VIDEO: Bam Margera at the scene of Ryan Dunn’s car accident, says he had a feeling that something was wrong before he found about his friend’s death

The person that did the vandalizing reportedly spray painted the text, “Ritch (sic) Pr**k”, and police investigating the incident admit that it will be hard to find out the person who did it as there has been up to 30 people visiting the crash site to pay their respects to Dunn at any given time. No person has come forward with any tips on who the culprit may be. As of yesterday, police were trying to remove the spray paint, but there is no word if it has been removed yet.

AUDIO: Bam & April Margera ominously predict Ryan Dunn would die in a car accident

According to, Westboro Baptist Church — who described Dunn in a press release as being “in hell” after his death and being a “drab pervert [who] hawked porn-level filth … to get rich off a perverse generation” — is denying that one of its members was the person who wrote the damaging remarks. This past weekend, the group protested not far from the site of Dunn’s wreck and shortly made their way to New York City to protest a gay pride parade later that weekend. Fred Phelps, spokesman for Westboro and the son of the church’s patriarch, said that members of his group “don’t operate that way”. Instead, he said that they simply “hold signs” as getting their remarks across.

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