Ron Paul Is Getting Unfair Media Treatment, NC Rep. Says

Written by Keith Roberts on Aug. 21, 2011

A supporter of Republican candidate Rep. Ron Paul feels that the candidate is receiving unfair treament by the media while other more “mainstream” names such as Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney are getting more attention by the beltway press.

Rep. Walter Jones, a Republican from North Carolina who has endorsed Paul to seek the Republican nomination, recently told The Hill that “fair-minded people don’t know why Ron Paul is not given adequate press.”

He noted that the media in conservative circles don’t cover Paul because they don’t feel that he can clinch the Republican nomination. However, be brings up that Paul came in second at the Ames Straw Poll last week, second to Michele Bachmann, but Bachmann got a majority of the press despite the near upset in her own home state.

“There are show horses, and work horses,” Jones said. “Paul is a work horse.”

However, Jones notes that Paul will be able to do well in the Iowa Cacus early next year and will exceed expectations in New Hampshire. “[The media] is going to have to deal with Ron Paul eventually,” Jones said.

According to a Rassmussen Reports poll out this week following front runner Rick Perry officially throwing his hat into the ring and the Iowa Straw Poll and debate, Paul came in fourth place amongst likely primary voters — behind the Texas Governor’s 29%, Mitt Romney’s 18%, and Michele Bachmann’s 13%. Paul only garnered 9%.

Of those polled, 45% viewed Paul as unfavorable, with 43% saying that he is viewed favorably — the worst of the entire field, even doing worse than Newt Gingrich’s unfavorable rating of 43% and favorable rating of 48%.

By comparison, 69% said they had a favorable opinion of Perry, 71% said they viewed Bachmann favorable, and 77% said they viewed Romney favorably.

  • Tony

    Greetings from Australia.

    Voting Ron Paul isn’t an option…it’s a must.
    America is at tipping point.


  • Jonathan Nitzan

    To the Australia guy above… cheers. I wish people like you abroad could replace the low-IQ morons here at home in the Republican primaries. Yknow, the people who get their news from Daytime TV and regurgitate other peoples thoughts when they’re stuck in the unfortunate position of having to craft an opinion.

  • there are times in history when we look back and wonder “why were they stupid enough not to do that?” well, this is our moment. Ron Paul or bust!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ever notice you are told the results of polls, but you never see who the poll was done by, how many people were sampled, what the question or questions were, when the poll was conducted, or how it was conducted?

    Polls aren’t designed to reflect what the population thinks, it’s designed to make the population think in a certain way.

    Every fair minded American should know who Edward Bernays is, because it’s his work that dictates how our propaganda works. He was instrumental in the CIA’s first overthrow of a democracy in Operation PBSuccess, and he created American propaganda. He just gave it another name, Public Relations.

  • Cris

    Screw those polls! We don’t know who is filling them out! Ron Paul 2012! Time to get Bilderberg out of Washington!

  • Sam

    It’s not unfair…it’s criminal.
    No mention of his bday, no mention of him winning the young straw poll, no mention of the $1.5m he just raised.

    Go Ron Paul!!
    The people can see the truth now.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stand the American media, they are so prejudice when it comes to Ron Paul because they are bought and paid for and they are afraid of him winning. Americans this is going to be your last chance in government to take back your country and to get back your human rights. If American’s vote for Obama again… Fool me once shame on you…fool me twice shame on me.

  • Ron Paul and any other anti-war candidate will always get marginalized by the corporate press. War is a multibillion dollar business and many corporations make lots of money from ensuring the power of the military industrial complex.

  • Linda

    News: Ron Paul won the New Hampshire straw poll yesterday, by a very large margin.