Robert Pattinson Opens Up On What Sets Him And Kristen Apart

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 19, 2011

TWilight star Robert Pattinson has been linked to his co-star Kristen Stewart for as long as he’s been famous, but he recently opened up to MTV talking about how different both are from each other. “We just have different ways of thinking,” Pattinson revealed to MTV during an interview on MTV.

PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson shirtless on the set of Breaking Dawn

He continued, “I like cerebral aspects of things and she has an immediate emotional response every single time. She notices much more about people and I just [say] ‘I don’t know what it means; I don’t understand it.’ She’s like, ‘I can’t explain it — It’s just obvious.’”

In the same interview, he also talked about his upcoming movie Water For Elephants, where he is involved in an intimate scene with his co-star Reese Witherspoon. He revealed that how when they were filming the scene, he was sick, and how he thought the whole thing was just awkward: “I was doing it when I had a really bad cold. I’m not generally that awkward during stuff, but my nose was running all over the place. Reese had this wig on and I was literally wiping my nose on her wig. We were doing this REALLY passionate love scene and — it was stupid.”

Going back to Stewart, he also talked about the intimate scene he has with his real-life girlfriend in Breaking Dawn: “You’ve got to really know what you’re doing. “The one on Breaking Dawn is… pretty funny.” For those of you who can’t wait to catch the next installment of the Twilight saga, the movie is expected to be released later this year in 2011 in mid-November. Only eight more months to go!

PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson shirtless on the set of Breaking Dawn

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