‘RIP Justin Bieber’ Hoax Trends Twitter; Bieber Is Not Dead

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 16, 2011

For those of you heartthrob Justin Bieber fans, a rumor that started Saturday on Twitter may be confusing you, but coming from Twitter this shouldn’t surprise you match. Several sites, including Twitter and Facebook, started flooding social media websites that the pop icon Justin Bieber had passed away. In fact, the rumors (which aren’t true) were so rampant that terms like “RIP Justin Bieber” trended on many search engines and Twitter. However, chances are the trend grew into “RIP Justin Bieber” when his more gullible fans became a part of the mess and started questioning whether or not he had actually died.

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Our sources have confirmed that Bieber is not dead despite all of the “RIP Justin Bieber” messages popping up on Twitter, and it has even become a trending topic in Google. Twitter is Bieber’s home-away-from home, so you would think that he would have taken a few minutes to correct the inaccurate messages region. Maybe Justin just doesn’t care, but his fans sure do! His mass of Twitter followers seem to be lashing out at anyone who tweeted the simple words “RIP Justin Bieber”, referring to those who started the rumor as “sick” and “jealous.”

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Bieber isn’t the first celebrity victim to suffer from a faux, premature death online. Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Morgan Freeman, TNA Wrestling executive Hulk Hogan and others have also been killed online even while they’re still breathing. So hold on to your “RIP Justin Bieber” messages. He doesn’t seem ready to go yet.

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