Richard Hatch Of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Jailed For $2 Million Debt

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 12, 2011

Richard Hatch may be part of the new cast of NBC and Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, but he is being sent to jail. Those close to the former Survivor winner say that he was jailed for nine months due to income tax evasion. Fortunately for Donald Trump, the season (other than the live finale) has already been taped.

Hatch was on the chopping block of being fired last week during the season premiere, but he ultimately was left in the show. Many say he wasn’t fired because of the drama he brings to the show and the more drama on a reality show means more potential viewers. However, even if Hatch made it far in the season, his judge is saying that he won’t be allowed to appear at the live finale at the end of May.

Previously, Hatch was in jails for three years for failing to pay taxes for the $1 million prize he won on CBS’ Survivor. Judge William E. Smith says that in addition to the time in jail beginning on Monday, he will have 26 additional months of supervised release. The IRS is set to take about 25% of his future wages until he has payed off his $2 million debt.

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