Rex Ryan Promises A Jets Super Bowl Win – Is This The Year?

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 08, 2011

Rex Ryan made a guarantee that he would lead the New York Jets to a Super bowl victory in the next five years when he was hired as head coach. It’s already bad enough that Rex Ryan is coaching in New York, so why put that extra pressure on your and your team?

New York fans already expect championships out of their teams (thanks to the Yankees spoiling us) and the media will crucify you for whatever, whenever they feel like it but what’s done is done. Year one, the team played at a high level, especially defensively, and almost made it to the Super bowl in their first season under a Rex Ryan. Then Peyton Manning , whom now Rex has a “personal vendetta” against because he keeps losing to him, came along and earned the AFC slot in the Super Bowl.

This season, no team, and I mean no team, is afraid of the big bad Jets now. They’ve been figured out by their opponents. Someone needs to let Rex know if he does not beat the Colts this weekend he should stop making promises he can’t keep. Especially since the Colts are far from the dominant team they’ve been in recent years. But then again, Manning is still their QB.

The Jets are a very good team but not a super human team that Rex portrays them to be. The defense isn’t as dominant as they were a year ago. Darrell Revis doesn’t even have one interception this season. The running game is okay with Ladanian Tomlison running the ball and the QB…… well, the QB is just not what the doctor ordered. Mark Sanchez wants to prove that he is a tough quarterback and he’ll try to put out his best effort when he faces off Peyton and the Colts D.

Year two is almost over for Rex, and Jets fans are anxiously waiting for that Super Bowl win.

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