$30K Reward Being Given For Information On Location Of Celina Cass

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 30, 2011

The chances of finding an 11-year old girl who has been missing since July 25th have gone up, the FBI hopes. Today, they announced that a reward of $25,000 will given to any person that has information on the whereabouts of a girl by the name of Celina Cass, as well as the arrest of anyone found responsible. The girl in the fifth grade was last seen at 9PM local time at her Stewartstown, New Hampshire home.

The physical appearance of the girl is as follows: She is five feet, five inches tall, has long brown hair, and has hazel eyes. At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing a pink t-shirt and pink pullover, as well as blue shorts. As well as the $25,000 reward by the FBI, a private citizen has stated that if any information about the location of the ll-year-old is given, they will also offer a $5,000 reward. At a press conference held on Saturday, New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General Jane Young said that they are not looking for a body, but rather they are offering the reward as an extra means of possibly finding the girl.

Her family says that Celina was last seen on the computer before she headed to bed and when she was checked on in the morning, she was gone. According to Today Show contributor Casey Jordan, a criminologist, in most cases like these where a family member goes missing, families come out together to implore the public for help finding the person that has gone missing. In the case of Celina Cassi, they simply have a family spokesperson — which Jordan says may not be anything suspicious as some family members could simply be camera shy or may not feel comfortable in such a situation.

Jordan suggests that perhaps there is a family dynamic that the police is investigating behind the scenes because at one point, there was a yellow tape surrounding the house, something Jordan calls atypical in cases like this. Jordan adds that family members are often called into question and, specifically in this case, her stepfather reportedly has a history of mental issues and domestic violence that may possibly make him a suspect. Celina’s mother has been virtually non-existent in the case. Neither of the two have been publicly called a person of interest at this point, however.

Jordan says another key to finding Jordan is analyzing the computer that Celina was using before she went missing by looking at the websites she viewed in the webpage history and any suspicious contact that she had with others — something that she suggests may only take a few hours with today’s software