Report: Neighbor Admits To Suffocating 3-Year-Old Missouri Girl

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 16, 2011

A Missouri man has confessed to murdering three-year-old Breeann Rodriguez, according to records released. The little girl, who was last seen riding her bike along with her five-year-old brother on Aug. 6 before she went missing when her brother went inside to get a drink, was murdered by her neighbor, Shawn Dale Morgan.

The 43-year-old is a husband and a father with three children and lives on the same block as the little girl. According to the Probable Cause Affidavit filed in court and written by Officer Tim Trowbridge of the Bootheel Drug Task Force, Morgan admitted to the officer that he suffocated the girl.

Morgan also revealed details on how he grabbed the girl, saying that he took her when he saw her standing on a pool ladder in his backyard. “He went to the little girl, grabbed her, and carried her inside the house,” the report said, before he used a plastic trash bag to suffocate her.

In stunning details explained to a police officer, Morgan said that he put the trash bag over her mouth and nose, but noted that it “felt like it took an hour [for her] to die”. He said he later threw the girl inside the trash bag and disposed the bag over a railing and into the flood ditches alongside Highway 164. He also admitted that he threw the girl’s pink bike into the water. Just last week, Breeann’s father identified the training wheels and said that they belonged to his daughter.

Morgan was arrested on Aug. 12. At the time, he was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence, and armed criminal action. Morgan worked in a steel factory in Blytheville, Arkansas and was described by his colleagues as being a quiet man with a slight build. He is scheduled to appear in court later today at 9AM.

The body of Breeann has still not been found. The FBI is asking anyone that has information about the case or the whereabouts of the girl to call 1-866-371-TIPS.

  • Anonymous

    they should suffocate him, freakin animal.

    • Juanitatorrez

      Morgan deserves to be life in prison without parole dame monster took a innocent little girl life for what reason I dont his mental or retarded for a reason he took breeann life away may she rest in peace.morgan should get lithel injection to see how it feels when he took breeann life away.

  • Zonesify

    Ok I’m in no way excusing this but why the heck were 3 and 5 year old children playing outside alone in the first place?!?!

    • Catucker

      because thats what kids do numbnuts

      • Bonnie4553

        Kids play duhh but at that young age, it is the parents job to supervise their kids & help prevent harm. Did you read the key word ” alone” they should never be alone!

        • agreed to young to be alone. but damn you can’t play out side anymore

      • Kaj61

        Not un attended at that age!

    • I agree.. its so so sad but you see this sad stuff all the time because the worthless parents don’t watch there kids or let them walk alone. It a sick world out there, people should know you can’t trust a soul. I feel bad for all those kids. :(

    • Charbrow7

      I too was SHOCKED by the fact that these children were not only left outside of the house unsupervised but allowed to ride their bikes off their own property and away from their house. In the world we live in today, children (especially this young) can NOT be left UNSUPERVISED at ANY TIME since they are physically unable to protect themselves against monsters like Morgan.

    • spark


  • Juan

    why do you call him an animal? animals dont usually kill for no reason.

    • Grumpy766

      Dogs eat their newborn sometimes. So yes animals do kill for no reason. He’s worse than an animal. All animals are good compared to him. Even the ones that kill for no reason. He’s evil.

    • wolverines kill for the pleasure of killing.

  • juan

    Kill for pleasure I guess I should say.

  • Adnan

    Why did he kill the girl?

  • Qrivera23

    They should waterboard this ahole about 50 times a day. Then light him on fire. But that would be cruel and unusual punishment. Don’t know if Arkansas has the death penalty but whatever this animal gets is too good for him.

    • he lived in Missouri and the worst he can get is life without parole

  • beyondwords

    Unbelievable I don’t understand y anyone could do something like this.

  • Dgrosssr

    If child molestors and murderers got as much time as cop killers maybe it wouldn’t happen so often. Wait! Maybe he’s just trying to get a book deal. Just think, we could make this puke rich while the little girls family suffers the loss for the rest of their lives.

  • Bmore

    Life without parole, r u kidding, they should give him something to prevent him from going into shock, and rip every one of finger nails, fingers, toes and limbs off, then sufficate the bastard. Just shows that some people roam this planet without a soul…

  • Kristingmail

    Don’t let your children play outside unsupervised! This is negligence. Everyone knows this world is not safe. Watch the news! It wasn’t too long ago a little girl was murdered be her neighbor in Georgia….stuffed in a duffel bag. History always repeats, watch your kids damn it. They count on you to protect them!!!

  • They should let the Taliban Skin him alive. That precious little girl is with the Lord now. What a Freaking Monster. The poor little brother is going to live with this it is not fair. You should be able to play outside. wow what has happend to the world?

  • Mia

    The reason animals kill their young, is because they know something is wrong with them, and yes, the only animal that kills for pleasure is the human kind. Now, a three year old should not have been left alone , expecting his five year old brother to watch her, lazy parents .

  • CRDZ2005


  • I worked with him and I’m blown away with what he done.

    • sosad

      You worked with him?? He is a father. This is mind boggling. Did he seem deranged at all?

  • CL

    Hearts out to the family of this little girl…… He should be shot in the throat with a small caliber gun and see if he takes an hour to die…..

  • Leighascholz

    Unfortunatly, the body may not be recovered, as the sicko may have done “other things” to the child, and he doesn’t want to be in bigger trouble… What a SUCKO!!! Kids of his own??? He should have returned her to her parents or called the authorities to do so… I still don’t see how this innocent little girl could have caused such “anger” to murder her… I think the SICKO had other motives, and I don’t believe she was found in his yard, by his pool… I believe he deserves the worst penalty ever… Death!!!!

  • What a tragedy, i hope the pro life folks will protest long , and loud against this kind of brutality…

  • Quickshelf

    This is the type of crap occuring these days because our resources are so incredibly tied up in the stupid War on drugs and traffic violations. After all, look at all the scumbags getting released early so that we can keep the poor black guy with $200 of crack in prison for 20 – 30 years! All I can say is that if this happened to my kid and the culprit had already committed a violent or sexual crime, I will personally kill the judge and attorney who set him free. Just remember this everyone, when you support the war on drugs, you are supporting big govt spending, lost innocent lives, and a lack of protection against true violent criminals.

  • omg how can this happen to this poor baby…what kind of an animal does this….not even animals do this…..

  • Cmbsmith14

    Her hour to die? how is it time for a three year old to die? Rest in peace little girl and as for that sick bastered i hope he gets whats comming to him