Report: Charlie Sheen Has False Teeth Due To Excessive Cocaine Use

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 05, 2011

Charlie Sheen has been on a wild ride the past few weeks, to say the very least. After once again being involved in have encounters with porn stars and allegedly having a briefcase full of cocaine, his representative has insisted that the star of CBS’ “Two and Half Men” was hospitalized, owing to his complications of hernia but later it was revealed that the actor was partying with some porn-star at his Los Angeles home. 22-year-old porn starlet, Kacey Jordan, reportedly told a reputed gossip site that Charlie Sheen spent a few days with her before he was admitted to hospital. Kacey Jordan said that Charlie Sheen has lost most of teeth because of cocaine and all other drug usage and hence he had to replace his teeth with porcelain veneers.

PHOTOS: Racy shots of Kacey Jordan, who is Charlie Sheen’s latest girl

Kacey Jordan (click the link above to view her racy photos), reportedly, told a reputed media outlet that Charlie Sheen’s teeth are fallen out because of his excessive partying and hence he had to replace them. She said that she had sex with Charlie Sheen and while having sex Charlie Sheen told her that his porcelain teeth are “crap”. The porn-star said that the actor did not cite any reason for loss of his teeth but everybody knows that it is because of his excessive drug intake. Kacey Jordan, reportedly, said that Charlie Sheen had revealed a lot about himself to her and told her that he knows the fact that his drug and alcohol habits ate making him lose his teeth.

PHOTOS: Shots of the hotel room that Sheen was in a few months back where the hotel was completely destroyed due to excessive partying

Kacey Jordan has also told the celebrity and lifestyle media outlet that previously he used to feel bad and get disturbed of the fact that even after his efforts, he was unable to come out of his drug habits. However, the “Two and a Half Men” actor has denied all the news. The actor has urged all his fans to “believe nothing”.

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