Report: ‘Austin Powers’ Returning A Decade After Its Last Film

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 14, 2011

14 years after the first Austin Powers hit theaters in 1997, Mike Myers has signed on to star in the fourth installment in the franchise. This news comes after nearly a decade since Austin Powers in Goldmember, the last film in the franchise, hit theaters in 2002. reports that Mike Myers has signed on to be both the writer and star in the upcoming film as the person we’ve come to know a love — a silly British spy who fights evil and yet is a ladies man.

The title of the film is still not revealed. Nor is the director, but the hope is that Jay Roach, the director of the original three flicks, will be making a return.

Myers has not starred in a live action film since 2008’s The Love Guru, which he helped write and produce. The film, however, was considered a flop both critically and financially and left many of his fans wondering if he still had it and if he was still serious about his career.

Austin Powers in Goldmember was considered to be the final installment of the film in 2002, but the film was a financial success, drawing the best box office of all three films — a rarity in franchises as films usually take dips after initial success. With reviving movies and television shows a hot commodity these days, Austin Powers seems like one of those that are getting a reboot.

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