Regis Philbin Decided To Leave ‘Live’ Because Of Salary Dispute

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 23, 2011

At first, many thought Regis Philbin was leaving his daytime talk show because, well, he isn’t getting any younger. However, new news notes that this isn’t the case. A noted media entity said on Friday that Philbin has fired Jim Griffin, his agent. Industry insiders said that he left his show Live With Regis And Kelly after being informed that his salary will be reduced post the expiry of his existing contract. The ABC network executives reportedly decided to cut down his salary on the ground that the show was getting smaller ratings and the host took a lot of time off. The host was annoyed by the development and that triggered his decision to bid adieu to the show.

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Kelly Ripa the other show host was seriously upset by the decision of Regis Philbin. The rumor is also doing the round that the network is pondering over replacing Regis Philbin with the charming Ryan Seacrest. The annoyed host reportedly informed his co host about his resolve to quit the show a few minutes before going on air which made her feel she was being given an unfair deal. The industry insiders are also saying that enraged Regis Philbin fired agent Jim Griffin because he thought the agent did not handle the negotiating deal with ABC executives properly enough to keep his current salary.

The agent however let out his discontent in an interview post this development and he said “When I first met Regis, he hadn’t worked in a year and a half and here we are” and added “we’ve had a great run.”

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