Regis Philbin Announces He’s Leaving ‘Live! With Regis and Kelly’

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 22, 2011

Regis Philbin — who is perhaps best known for his role on ABC’s “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” during the beginning of the last decade, as well as host of “Live with Regis and Philbin” for nearly 28 years — shocked viewers on Tuesday when the veteran co-host of the show announced that he would be retiring from the show soon. The media personality and actor said that this would be his last year on the show. Regis Philbin has been the part of the program for more than 25 years.

PHOTO GALLERY: Photos of Regis Philbin on Live over the past two+ decades, including his run with Kathie Lee Gifford and Kelly Rippa

Previously, he used to host the show with Kathy Lee Gifford and presently with Kelly Ripa. Regis Philbin’s final day on the show has not been announced yet. Regis Philbin did not give any specific reason for his retirement. However, during “Live with Regis and Kelly”, the host said that everything in life must come to an end after a certain point of time to certain people on camera and especially with old people, it should come to an end. The WABC-TV officials have not yet named anyone who would replace him and Regis Philbin himself also did not utter any name. However, he said that the he would provide lot of fun to the audience along with his co-host Kelly Ripa till the time he is on the show.

Regis Philbin is well known for his hard work, dedication and he is the Guinness World Record holder for spending most time on camera. The media outlets report that Regis Philbin has spent about 16,500 hours or more in front of the camera over his entire career as an entertainer. Regis Philbin also acknowledged his long journey on last night’s show and said that it has been around 28 years he is in front of camera and now its time for him to take a break. Kelly Ripa told a reputed media source that the wonderful time that she has spent with Regis Philbin while on the show, will always be special to her.

We recently put up a special photo gallery of Regis Philbin, celebrating his run as host of Live! over the past 28 years — including his runs with Kelly Rippa and Kathie Lee Gifford. Click here to view the gallery.

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