Rebecca Black Wants A Long Career As A Musician

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 30, 2011

Rebecca Black, who has bounced back into the public spotlight following the release of her new song My Moment, is now saying that she is in it for the long run. No, her songs Friday and My Moment are not just short-term hits that people will forget about in a few years, Black wants to stick with her career as a musician, she has revealed.

“I wanted people to able to take me seriously because I felt like this would be the right thing to do [to release her new song],” Black told CNN. “I wanted to start building what could be a really great career, but this industry, it’s so unpredictable: You could be the big thing for a month or four months, and then kind of fall off the face of the planet,” she added. “And I felt my whole team kind of felt like it was a great way to put me here for an amount of time.”

Black will be releasing a five-song EP next month. Black came to fame in March when her song Friday became a viral Internet hit, but not for the reasons that a musician usually wants to be praised for, but because of what critics called “ridiculous lyrics”. The song went on the generate over 167 million views before Black removed the video from Youtube to likely distance herself from it and instead promote her new song.