Rebecca Black Set To Earn Over $1.4 Million Due To ‘Friday’ Song

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 22, 2011

Rebecca Black, the Friday hitmaker, who went viral with the song that was dubbed the “worst song ever” is now reportedly a millionaire after just over a week of exposure. According to Forbes Magazine, Black is set to receive nearly $1.4 million from the two million downloads people actually paid for on iTunes. Apple will pay Black a reported $0.70 per download.

But that’s not all. She will also apparently rake in another $20,000 from the over 30 million hits that she generated on Youtube: “You can also add $20,000 dollars made so far from all the YouTube views her video has had. based on the number of views her video has received, and the payment agreement YouTube has with content uploaders who have ads on their videos, and Black will receive another $20,000,” mentions.

As noted previously here on, Black’s 15 minutes of fame will be extended all the way to the end of 2012, if her fame lasts the remainder of the year, let alone nearly two years. She will be releasing an album with Ark Music Factory, who put her on the map due to her parents deciding to give them $2,000 to release her first music video.

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