Rebecca Black Releases ‘My Moment’, Fans Continue To Pan Singer

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 22, 2011

Rebecca Black’s song My Moment may be an improvement over her previous song Friday, but the song which has already raked in over 13 million hits in just four days has a majority of the fans hitting the “dislike” button. In particular, over 352,500 people say that they dislike the song (64%) while over 196,000 people (36%) “like” it. While that is actually an improvement from her former song percentage wise, that rating would still be disastrous for any other major mainstream performer. But as has become the norm for Rebecca Black, she is simply distancing herself from what she is now calling the “haters”.

Black seemingly took over the Internet back in March when she released her previous song Friday, but despite being panned by critics and Youtube viewers alike, the song was legitimate hit — albeit for the wrong reasons — as it went on to garner over 167 million views before she removed the video in mid-June. Her new song, written by Brandon “Blue” Hamilton and Quinton Tolbert, talks about the empowerment she received after all the negativity to her last song. Black will also be releasing a 5-track EP that is slated as of now to be released next month.