Rapper The Game In Hot Water For Alleged ‘Phone Flash Mob’ Tweet

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 14, 2011

Rapper The Game may get charged for an alleged Twitter posting that encouraged his followers to flood the offices of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office to apply for an internship with his entourage.

Police say that such an overwhelming amount of people called that the phone lines on the station were jammed for 2 hours on Friday night. This caused those calling for much serious manners, such as an emergency, to possibly not get through to a sheriff. The phone number at the Sheriff’s office, however, didn’t direct 911 calls.

“This was beyond irresponsible,” Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker said. “The deputies’ ability to answer the phones and dispatch personnel to help people in danger was significantly impeded.”

“It was almost like a symphony of misery. You’ve got a multitude of phones ringing simultaneously,” Parker added.

Parker said that he even had to go on his Twitter account in order to tell the Game to take down the tweet and phone number. “You tweeted [the] hone number of LAD Compton Sheriff and said to call for [an] internship when there is none. Large volume calls are compromising public safety,” he said in a tweet/

Since the incident unfolded, a rather unapologetic The Game took to his Twitter and claimed that his account was hacked. In addition, he sniped that the sheriff’s in the office weren’t able to solve murders, clearly not helping his case.