Psychiatrists: Charlie Sheen Should Be Hospitalized Against His Will

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 10, 2011

Following Charlie Sheen’s bizarre rants as of late, culminating with his final two online webcasts on Monday and Tuesday night, psychiatrists are saying Sheen should be hospitalized against his will.

Scary photos of Charlie Sheen on top of a roof, holding a machete and drinking “Tiger’s Blood”

Dr. Reef Karim, an addiction medicine psychiatrist who has not treated Sheen, after watching Sheen’s online rant on Tuesday night stated on NBC’s Today that he believes Sheen has a mental condition. He goes on to say, “[Sheen] thinks he is above it all. Like God. This could easily be mania or hypo-mania where there is an alteration in brain chemistry and it’s causing them to act in a bizarre way”. He doesn’t rule out that Sheen has bipolar disorder.

NEW PHOTOS: Charlie Sheen looking much healthier during a taping of a “Funny or Die” skit yesterday (March 9)

While observing his rant during Monday’s webcast with NBC News’ Jeff Rossen, Dr. Drew said that the psychiatrists he has spoken to would recommend putting Sheen on what is called an “involuntary hold”, or, in other words, hospitalize him against his will. Dr. Drew went on to defend what he would do if Sheen was his patient, saying, “[Sheen] would benefit if somebody could get through to him but the challenge is [people with Sheen’s mental state] they don’t believe they a problem. They believe you’re the problem. It’s difficult to get them to cooperate.”

Sheen was fired from his hit comedy series, Two and a Half Men, on Monday. Since then, rumors have been rampant all over the Internet that Rob Lowe would be replacing him. However, an executive producer for NBC’s Parks & Recreation — which Lowe currently stars in — says that Lowe is signed on with that series and will not be able to join the CBS sitcom.

Photos: Shocking photos of Sheen holding a machete while drinking “Tiger Blood” atop a roof

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