Probation Officer: Casey Anthony Is Broke But Cooperative

Written by Jessica Smith on Sep. 03, 2011

Casey Anthony had to return late last month to her hometown of Orlando, Florida to carry out a year-long probation stemming from pleading guilty to stealing checks from her friend, but life for Anthony, who skyrocketed into infamy during her month-long trial in July, is not that great.

While her probation officer says that she is being “cooperative,” he notes that Anthony is unemployed and is being described as “broke,” according to a report by ABC News. The probation officer offer didn’t go into elaborate details, but notes that Anthony has not consumed any alcohol or illegal drugs within the past month and that she hadn’t attended any classes.

Anthony is serving probation for stealing a friend’s checkbook in 2008 and serving several checks totaling up to more than $400. She was later spotted buying groceries and clothing with the fraudulent checks. Her lawyers had argued that she served the year-long probation while she was awaiting her murder trial earlier this summer. They also argued that Anthony would be unsafe in her hometown, noting that it would be “dangerous” for her to return to the city because of the overwhelming dislike for her.

Judge Belvin Perry, who presided over Anthony’s murder trial, ultimately sentenced her to a probation in Orlando, citing that the probation that started in February 2010 was a clerical error. In order to protect her safety, he also vowed that he wouldn’t disclose her location.

According to a report by The AP, a broke Anthony may have to pay over $500,000 to reimburse the state for the three-year investigation in the disappearance of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. Her attorney Cheney Mason has denounced that she should pay the fees and insists that the prosecutors could make her pay because of the “sour grapes” of Anthony being found not guilty in the three major counts of murdering her daughter.

Judge Perry is expected to announce by September 22 if Anthony will need to pay any or all of the expenses, according to reports.

  • Casey Anthony should pay back ALL COSTS concerning the people who tried to find her daughter after Casey KNEW SHE WAS DEAD. Then she should be thrown in trash bags to rot.

  • Amazing!

    Let Casey Anthony pay the state for every cent spent. After all, she was found guilty of lying to authorities concerning her daughter’s whereabouts as well as other matters during investigations.

  • Well, sour grapes or not, she was found Not Guilty, and if she is ordered to pay 1/2 a million for a wrongful investigation and yet they can still put her in jail for years while awaiting trial, that would set a precedent where the state could put anyone in double jeopardy. Arrest you and investigate, but even if you aren’t guilty you have to pay huge bills for an investigation. At the end of the day, it means you are guilty whether you are or not since you’ll be punished either way. For a little vengeance you guys are willing to let the state hold you in fear. Rather Un-Amercian.