Prince William & Kate Middleton Snub Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jun. 18, 2011

Following the negative publicity that Arnold Schwarzenegger has generated as of late, no one wants to be around him — even Prince William and Kate Middleton! According to the New York Post, Middleton and William were allegedly set to meet with the former California Governor when they visited the state later this summer, but the meet-up is now “not happening”. The source notes that the couple were set to meet with Schwarzenegger at the British consul-general’s Los Angeles residence.

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However, a representative for the former Governor is defending Schwarzenegger, saying that there were never any plans for him to meet the Royal couple. “There were never any plans for them to get together,” the rep said. “Never even discussed. There was some rumor that was out there on the Internet, I don’t know where it came from. There were no discussions on either side about a visit.” Middleton and William are set to vacation in California later this year and to meet people that admire Middleton, who has become sort of a icon around the world for her fashion and new-found fame. Schwarzenegger was allegedly in their category of people to meet when they visited the United States, but that seems to be off for now.

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