President Obama’s Budget Receives Criticism For Calling To Cut The Pell Grant

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 16, 2011

President Barack Obama earned criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike when he introduced his new budget plans, which include cutting down on the Pell Grant program offered by the government, which helps lower income college students go on to college. Obama’s administration wants to cut the program down by nearly $100 billion over the next decade, if passed by Congress.

If it is approved by Congress and signed on by Obama, the federal government would be spending about $5,550 per college student. A recipient of the grant is worried what the cut would do to students who do not have the college fees. Camelia Sherrod said that, “It actually really helped me out, the Pell Grant helped me out, on top of me having 75 percent bright futures because I was able to pay my rent without having to work full time, I could pay for all of my extra books and expenses, all the things that bright futures didn’t cover.”

The deficit currently stands at all time high, and the government is struggling to keep spending down and in doing so it hopes to avoid the adding on to the deficit. The government promises to cut the deficit by $1.1 trillion which many analysts believe is an ambitious move.

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