Polls: Rick Perry Has National Lead, Romney Has Big Edge In NH

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 21, 2011

Coming off of a week where Texas Governor Rick Perry made a big splash in the GOP primary field, new polling from the first primary state in the 2012 election, New Hampshire, shows that Mitt Romney is maintaining a strong lead. The Magellan Strategies polling, which was taken two days following the Iowa straw polls and two days after Rick Perry officially entered the race, has Romney having a 18% lead: 36% for Romney to Perry’s 18%.

Amongst the likely New Hampshire primary voters, which featured Republicans as well as Independents, libertarian Ron Paul came in third with 14%, 4% away from Perry, followed by Rep. Michele Bachmann’s 10%. Businessman Herman Cain came in at 3%, tying former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich only polled in at 2%.

This comes just days after national polling by Rasmussen Reports found that Perry had an 11% edge on his closest rival, Mitt Romney.

“Governor Perry is enjoying a bounce from entering the race at precisely the right time,” Scott Rassumssen noted about the polling. “Now the difficult part begins for the new frontrunner. It’s much easier winning support when people are hoping you will get in the race, than retaining support when you are the frontrunner.”

In Wisconsin, a Public Policy Polling released on Wednesday shows that a swing state that has typically gone to the Democrats in recent presidential elections, conservatives Perry and Bachmann actually tie with 20% of the vote, beating out Romney, who came in at 13%. Sarah Palin, who is considering a run, came in at 11% followed by Cain’s 7%, Paul and Gingrich’s 6%, and Huntsman’s 1%.

In the swing state of Coloardo, in a PPP poll released Monday, both Romney and Perry tie at 20%, with Bachmann coming in third at 12%, followed by Palin’s 11%, Paul’s 8%, Cain’s 7%, Gingrich’s 6%, and Huntsman’s 2%.

In North Carolina, Romney and Perry both came in a three-way tie with former Governor Palin at 17%.

  • OMG

    Complete BULLSH*T. Ron Paul is winning you fools.

  • Mail

    love it more crap from crap media sources, no mention of the yr nh straw poll that was dominated by …. “The Answer”

  • RON PAUL 2012

    ignore him allll you want LOL. Ron paul is still winning HAHAHAHA

  • Pretty interesting considering Ron Paul just won the yr Straw Poll in NH. Not much mention of that in the media though… GEE I WONDER WHY

  • Spookydoo82

    Well, I see the liberal media power house owns this garbage news outlet as well. RON PAUL WON THE NH STRAW POLL BY AN OVERWHELMING VICTORY!!! Even Fox has a hard time acknowledging Ron Paul.

    If the establishment is trying this hard to cover up Ron Paul, this should be a good reason for everyone to want to vote for him……..nuf said.

  • r3volutionary

    Ron Paul just 45% of the vote in the New Hampshire Young Republican straw poll which is more than 28% percent more of the total votes than Romney and Perry got with both of their votes COMBINED. In the very same single day Ron Paul raised more that 1.5 million dollars…All of this in ONE DAY…oh, but Ron Paul can’t win because the that’s what the media says.

    • Serts

      And if straw polls counted for anything but a fund raiser and media hype your comment would have validity….but they don’t. And before you Paul lovers go on a “any canidate hating fit of rage” rant (one of many reasons he wont win, yes I said it, his suporters are partly to blame not just his positions alone) I can agree with some of what he says, I lean more libertarian than I do republican, but he goes too far on too many important issues. One of which is foreign policy. I feel evil should be fought nomatter where it exsist, sometimes with bombs and bullets. Say what you want about the two wars we are in, but undisputed is the evil that exsisted and/or still exsists there. Now if you want to complain about paying for it fine….cut the budget somewhere else and get us a strong competative economy and they are paid for. Alot of what he wants to do on those fronts I can respect and some even agree with but I dont feel we should have to choose between one or the other. I admire the passion just not every position which is why I will be suporting another canidate for the nomination.

  • Linda

    Are you going to follow up with the actual results?

    That would be news.

  • Bcanha

    Ron Paul 2012, the rest is pure garbage, including “Black Bush”
    – A Lifelong Democrat

  • Fupeg1

    You’re another lapdog media whore…busy trying to tell us how to think/vote! If you wern’t a media whore you would actually talk about the issues and what makes them different…but the media whores are only allowed to do that for sports…not real life…bc we might ask WHAT THE F–K WE ARE 12 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT, IN 5 WARS AND RUNNING TRILLION DOLLAR DEFECITS BUT WE HAVE MONEY TO BAIL OUT FOREIGN BANKS! It’s all a fraud…we are awake…more and more everyday so keep trying your lies! They won’t work anymore…and once the tipping point hits…everyone will know they’ve been lied to all along!

  • Linda

    If you would just tell us who the candidates are, and what the candidates are saying and doing, we’d be able to do our part — the voting.

    We don’t need you to filter, lead, judge or predict.

    Besides Ron Paul, I wonder if there are any other candidates we’re not being informed about?

    Perhaps this is why there seems to be such a lack of better ideas coming from politicians. For example, I would say any time the solution becomes war then the politcal arena has already broken down.

    Censorship is not smart, even when the “media” does it.

  • Zhonni

    If Ron Paul doesn’t win Nomination, I am voting for Obama.