Poll: Rick Perry Leads GOP Field, 11% Ahead Of Mitt Romney

Written by Keith Roberts on Aug. 20, 2011

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been in the race for less than a week, but according to a new poll, he leads the current field of Republican contenders such as Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and Ron Paul to possibly clinch the Republican nomination and face President Barack Obama in the general elections in 2012.

Rasmussen Reports surveyed likely Republican primary votes on Monday night, just days after the Iowa debate on Thursday and two days after the Iowa straw poll that saw Michele Bachmann just edging Ron Paul. The poll comes just two days after Perry officially announced he was running on Saturday.

29% of those surveyed say they that Perry has their support, while 18% say former Massachusetts Governor Romney is their candidate of choice — a gap of 11%, but an increase of 38%. U.S. Rep. Bachmann came in at 13%, while libertarian Texas Rep. Ron Paul took fourth with 9%.

Just two weeks ago, Romney lead the field in the same poll by Rasumussen, hitting 22% of the vote, followed by Perry’s 18% and Bachmann’s 16%.

Amongst likely Tea Party primary voters, 39% say they will likely vote for Perry, while 21% say they want Bachmann to win. Perry also led amongst non-Tea Party Republicans, with 27% of the vote, also beating Romney’s 24%.

Perry has been dubbed by many Republicans as being able to reach out to both Tea Party and Evangelical voters while also being able to get the support by mainstream Republicans, and this poll shows that.

However, Scott Rasmussen notes that Perry may just be enjoying a temporary bump because of all the coverage he garnered leading up to and after his announcement. “Governor Perry is enjoying a bounce from entering the race at precisely the right time,” he said.

“Now the difficult part begins for the new frontrunner. It’s much easier winning support when people are hoping you will get in the race, than retaining support when you are the frontrunner.”

69% of voters hold a favorable view of the Texas Gov., with 38% saying they have a very favorable view. While Mitt Romney has a larger overall favorable rating of 77%, he has less overall enthusiasm for his campaign as only 21% say they have a very favorable view of him.

The 1,000 polled say that they have a 71% favorable view of Bachmann and 32% say they have a very favorable view of her. Paul is a mixed bag within the nationwide GOP voters with 43% say they view him favorable and 45% say they view him unfavorably.

One-in-four primary voters say they are not very aware of businessman Herman Cain, former Senator Rick Santorum, and former Governor Jon Huntsman to give an opinion of them.

  • Etidbits

    This is just another lie, Ron Paul has been dominating all these polls so far but the media is trying to change voters mind into thinking that Ron Paul has no chance of winning, for all those that want proof, just do some research, A good place to start looking would be by searching on google, “Media ignores Ron Paul” and look up at all the polls that have been held and he’s been dominating them.

    • Jem4045

      The truth is Ron Paul has zero chance of winning anything. He will be lucky to retain his office after 2012. He lies like the rest, and worships an Aqua Budda. Lol!

      • please do more research Jem4045

      • What we Liberty lovers understand and hope others will is that Ron Paul is our choice. we have read and heard all we need to. we have looked at the other candidates and research them. We know what Ron Paul stands for and We all agree! We will not vote for another candidate!” that is just how it is going to be”. You can say our choice will make Obama the victor. Not true.. Obama can only win if they don’t vote for Ron Paul. They say it will split the vote they say we need to choose another candidate. I say let them choose another candidate Ron Paul. I am standing on my principle and I will not change my vote ! not this time !

  • LetsFreeThePeople

    Etidbits your right heres proof of the media trying to manioulate the masses
    right in this artice
    69% of voters hold a favorable view of the Texas Gov., with 38% saying they have a very favorable view. While Mitt Romney has a larger overall favorable rating of 77%, he has less less enthusiasm for his campaign as only 21% say they have a very favorable view of him.

    The 1,000 polled say that they have a 71% favorable view of Bachmann and 32% say they have a very favorable view. Paul is a mixed bag within the nationwide GOP voters with 43% say they view him favorable AND 455 SAY THEY VIEW HIM UNFAVORBLY.

    Realize as the other candidates have their unfavorable voters given in percentages while Ron Pauls is given in numbers rather than a percentage which would come out to a very low percentage in the unfavorable views compared to the other candidates.

    • Jem4045

      Polls mean nothing unless they are scientific. And none of them are. They mean nothing anyway since none of the lying traitorous GOP candidates have no chance of beating Obama in 2012. Yeah! Obama!

    • WastingMyTimeWithCrazyFolks

      Honestly, are you that stupid?

      455? Did you notice the % symbol is on the 5 key? They just missed using the Shift Key. It’s 45%.

      And I thought the Media were supposed to be some vile Liberal Elite? Yet, here they are, trying to do away with Ron Paul, the most Liberal of Republican candidates by a mile and are instead promoting candidates for the Republican Party who actually have a remote chance of winning against Obama. Either that is crazy, or you are.

      Personally, I prefer Civilization, as opposed to Paul’s form of Libertarianism. Police, Prisons, Fire Departments, Roads, Bridges, Public Education, Courts, you know….those things that prevent society from devolving into survival of the most ruthless and wealthy.

      Ah, but those were the good old days for you, right? Before rural electrification and all those liberal WPA projects that built so many great things, kept hundreds of thousands from starvation and so forth while the Wall Street speculators destroyed the stability of the entire nation…ya know, back in the good old days.

      • Anonymous

        Right, and the Federal Government should provide it all, police, fire dept and roads ect. ect. Obviously they did a great job providing help in Louisiana after the huricane. You know what crazy really is ? Believing that a Federal agency has the right to tell you how much salt you can use or believing they are good at doing anything other than bureaucracy and collecting taxes.

      • Jason Cattell

        Only people with little man syndrome talk to people like they’re stupid!

  • Anonymous

    Polls can be rigged, and reports about such polls even more. Here’s another typical example of the media pushing who THEY want and marginalizing who they don’t. Rick Perry is G W Bush part 2, a man who used Fed tax money to boost his state economy,,,,but he’s supposed to be against Fed spending, another corporate puppet sponsored by the media, Ron Paul should run as in Independent because his own party has forgotten their root values and sold out.

    • You really think they rigged this poll? I guess that’s the kind of paranoia you’d expect from a Ron Paul supporter.

      • Anonymous

        Do you believe everything the media tells you on face value ? I guess that’s the typical blind faith thinking the media loves.

  • Jem4045

    All of the GOP lie like pigs. The truth is the GOP simply has no candidate to beat Obama. The Tea Baggers showed their traitorism when they refused to raise the debt limit. These traitors will be removed in 2012. The middle class is tired of coddling the rich and realize the GOP is a dying party.

    • Anonymous

      I’d have to agree with you, the GOP has turned away from it’s roots and has been bought off by the corporate and banking elites. It’s because of this that they will never back the one guy they have that stands a chance against Obama because he’s not a yes man.

  • stoutboy

    29% support Perry, 18% support Romney=a 38% gap? That’s GOP ‘math’ for you.

    • Because it was obviously the GOP who wrote this article. Idiot.

    • Anonymous

      are you retarded? what is 38% more than 18%……… 29 embecile

      • Jonathan Nitzan

        The article headline clearly implies that there is a 38% gap in overall support.. I’ve been following this polling stuff for a while, and this is the first time I’ve seen the numbers reported this way. 18% + 38% = 56% for Perry. The fact that they meant a 38% “increase” relative to Romney’s number means they are simply trying to make their pathetic news site etidbits get a bit more hits from Googlers.

        • They’ve now changed it to 11%. Calling it a 38% gap, which the article still does, is still basically incorrect. A 38% increase does not equal a 38% gap.

  • Can someone explain where the “38” point gap is? How the hell is Perry at 29% and Romney at 18% a 38 point gap?

    • Kimberly

      Uh.. basic math. Let’s go back to 4th grade. 18/29 x 100 = 62; 100-62=38%.

      • Silly me, assuming the percentage points were referring to the percentage points of the poll. I see that they’ve now changed it to 11%.

  • Arcartis

    Oh my gosh. Quit lying. Perry isn’t dominating any polls. If they say he is, it’s rigged for sure. Ron Paul is winning everything, but the media won’t report it.

    • Fezziwig2008

      Jobs? Business Background?

  • Anonymous

    I am looking at both Romney and Perry. I am trying to hear them personally because that is the surest way not to get caught in the media “spin”. Perry appears to have the charism of Obama and that is a little disconcerting to me. I always worry when someone one has made politics a career. It doesn’t mean he might not be on the level, but Obama swayed so many people with his “hope” message. People are hungry again for relief from the econonmic whoas we are in. I do want someone with experience and leadership who can take a system that is broken and help us build again. Romney seems to have more of that kind of experience and talent.

    • Happypappy1958

      Susan, I am very impressed with your assessment. If more people took the time and did critical thinking like you there is no way Obama could have ever gotten elected. I have been comparing them closely myself and have come to a very similar conclusion. Great post.

    • funny you should say that Perry has the same charm as Obama that is because he is the GOP’s Obama research him and see that it is true

  • Bob

    Is Mitt Romney running for the president of the United States? You wouldn’t know it by listening to the “Conservative Radio Talk Show Hosts.” All they talk about it Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry.

    Go back a few years and listen to what Romney had to say, and you will realize that most of what he had to say, before he was forced out of the primary election by the Republican Party, proved to be true.

    Given the opportunity, he will do what is right for the People of the United States as a whole, instead of all of the back scratching that has been going in Washington for the last generation. Just the thing that you would think that all of you conservatives would jump on.

  • Fezziwig2008

    America needs a Business Minded President period. Obama beat McCain the day the market crashed, with John’s “The fundamentals of the economy are sound” still ringing in our ears. No candidate is perfect- we need strength this time in the skills required to get Americans back to work. It’s not enough to preside over a state that has oil gushing from it and military bases housed in it. Romney ran a sucessful private enterprise- sure with all the good and bad that entails- but he did it. Obama, Perry, Bachman, and Paul never have. That’s what sticks.

  • go ahead and vote for a Republican Obama I am sticking with Ron Paul so are a lot of other voters didn’t you notice we split the vote in Iowa ? GOP can’t win the General election with out the Paul vote !!!!

    • Fezziwig2008

      JObs? Business background? WTF R U talking about? So there both Harvard Law- Law School Profiling? OUR COUNTRY NEEDS TO WAKE UP AMERICAN BUSINESS TO HIRE- PERIOD_-A VOTE FOR RON PAUL IS IS IS A VOTE FOR OBAMA!

  • Fezziwig2008

    “Romney entered the management consulting business which led to a position at Bain & Company, eventually serving as its CEO to lead it out of crisis. He was also co-founder and head of the spin-off company Bain Capital, a private equity investment firm which became highly profitable and one of the largest such firms in the nation, and the wealth Romney accumulated there would help fund all of his future political campaigns. He ran as the Republican candidate in the 1994 U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts but lost to incumbent Ted Kennedy. Romney organized and steered the 2002 Winter Olympics as President and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee, and helped turn the troubled Games into a financial success.”
    This is what we need.

  • patriot

    Both Romney and Perry do business with Red Chinese companies. Why don’t anyone talk about this?

  • Kevin Smallwood

    Did everyone forget about the FOX news poll that over 40,000 people took??? That got NO news coverage???? But a 1000 person, phone poll is really what matters right? there no way they can be a scam! (bullshi%)

  • jayj

    Rush always says that Obama is the least smart guy in whatever room he enters. I guess Obama hasn’t entered into the same room as Rick Perry, the West Texas cotton farmer turned politician. Rick did get a college degree in Animal Science with a C average without the help of affirmative action.

  • Mark Godbey

    Ron Paul almost won in Iowa, and will win New Hampshire. All of the other polls make it clear he is a top tier candidate.

  • Constitutionally, legislatively, and morally, Ron Paul has no equal. His 22 year voting record speaks for itself.
    Mr. Paul has not survived in politics for 22 years and maintain the ethics and morality he has by being anything other than stellar.
    If You refute the above comment, then I please invite You to listen to him speak about key issues. It is amazing how well he comes across because he doesn’t have to remember lies like other politicians. He understands what is happening in the world and knows how to apply the basic principles of liberty to achieve the real change that America so desperately deserves.
    American to American we are all on the same team. So I present Mr. Ron Paul as my Candidate for 2011 and invite anybody to meaningfully and respectfully debate why he is not the best for American and its people in 2012.
    Ron Paul = A real change, not for special interest, but for America’s Interests!
    Thank You for Your time
    Ron Paul 2012

  • Anonymous

    Paul is likely to take 2nd in Iowa and 2nd in New Hampshire, demonstrating the broadest range of appeal to ordinary Americans who are fed up with what the status quo has given them.

    If the status quo candidates weaken each other enough, there’s a chance Paul could take 1st in both contests.

  • The humble independent

    Ron Paul at 9%. I will have to see more evidence. Everyone I talk to at work that pays any attention to politics has been talking about Ron Paul’s debate and likes his chances. I wouldn’t give an poll credibility that doesn’t place him in the top 3.

  • Fezziwig2008


    Ronald Ernest “Ron” Paul (born August 20, 1935) is an American medical doctor, author, Republican U.S. Congressman of the House of Representatives and candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination. Paul is currently the U.S. Congressman for the 14th congressional district of Texas, which comprises the area south and southwest of the Greater Houston region, including Galveston. Paul serves on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Joint Economic Committee, and the House Committee on Financial Services, and is Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology, where he has been an outspoken critic of current American foreign and monetary policy.

    A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Paul is a graduate of Gettysburg College and the Duke University School of Medicine, where he earned his medical degree. Paul served as a flight surgeon in the United States Air Force from 1963 until 1968, during the Vietnam War. He worked as an obstetrician and gynecologist during the 1960s and 1970s, delivering more than 4,000 babies, before entering politics during 1976.

  • Hey, I’d just like to remind you all Ron Paul will bring all our soldiers home starting the day he takes office. Now, here is a thing I want to propose. We all are aware the reason we are in all the conflicts overseas is to support Big Oil or Big Military. In these conflicts, many people are killed – thousands of Americans but millions of foreigners. If you are a rational person, it is your duty to save others if it is possible to do so without harming yourself.
    Keep in mind that up until now, whichever candidate was elected we could be fairly certain the wars would continue. Now, however it is different. With your single vote, you could save thousands of Americans and a million or more foreigners. Are they so unimportant you can’t be bothered? Myself, if I don’t do my best for Dr. Paul I will feel complicit in the murders if I do not try to stop them. It may be the most honorable act you’ve ever performed. Isn’t it worth your time?
    Sigh. Ok. If that’s not enough, think of all those military paychecks being spent over here instead of over there – that should benefit YOU directly and will provide the grass roots stimulus needed to jump start the economy!

    Vote Vertebrate – Ron Paul 2012!

  • It looks like President Obama has cooked his own goose, by bypassing Congress and using his administrative order, to overcome deportation proceedings. It might assist him with ethnic groups and the 20 million plus illegal aliens. However, the TEA PARTY will be avidly be watching for irregularities, in the 2012 elections for illegal aliens and others violating the US voting laws. Constituencies must be made to realize that registration and voting by non-citizens are violations against the basic principles of our Dem¬ocratic system and that such cases must be prosecuted. All states should require anyone who registers to vote to make available proof of U.S. citizenship. This requirement should be identical to the fed¬eral requirement of proof for employment using E-Verify.

    This new policy is an act of indifference, allowing millions of illegal aliens to stay here, when 13 or 14 US citizens and legal residence cannot find a job Most Americans are aware that approximately 8 million illegal aliens have been hired for some kind of employment. All Emperor Obama has accomplished with this decision, is to keep the illegal alien occupation to continue. Look up on your computer the websites of NumbersUSA, (FAIR) Federation for Immigration Reform for facts and records on illegal immigration.

    Most polls have demanded that the border fence be built, as designed by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) as the 2006 secure fence act; still it remains uncompleted, no matter what Homeland Security secretary Napolitano has elaborated on, in her press conferences. There are still gaping holes, you could drive a Hummer through and give passage to thousands more illegal nationals daily of –ECONOMIC–illegal aliens.

    Michelle Bachmann, chairman of the TEA PARTY, as reported by the Associated Press made illegal immigration an issue in Greenville, South Carolina as part of her three state tours. Michele Bachmann is reported to have said “lax enforcement of immigration laws was a threat to the nation’s security. She agreed with a town hall audience at a Greenville stop that U.S. troops should be redeployed from South Korea to South Texas.” The report also states that Bachmann said “The problem has been in our unwillingness to enforce the laws that are on the books.” and “How do you solve it? You build a barrier, a fence, a wall — whatever you want to call it. You build it…As president of the United States, every mile, every yard, every foot; every inch will be covered on that southern border.”

    This is the type of speech that Americans wish to hear about fully constructing the Southern border barrier, deployed troops to support the US border patrol. Hundreds of billions could be saved, with perhaps trillions over the years to come and halt overpopulation. The US people haven’t heard this kind of talk from Rick Perry, Ron Paul, and Gary Johnson, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and definitely no assistance from our present President. Rick Perry who has joined the long grueling races has not shown any worthwhile distinction in upholding enforcement laws, to stop the illegal alien occupation. Only Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain have shown strong characters, by determining neither are going to be intimidated by the anti-American radical group La Raza, or the open border agenda of corporate players for cheap labor, or the Imperial court of the current government for future votes. Annually the cost to financially supporting the illegal immigration invasion is rapidly spiraling upwards from the current $113 Billion dollars.

    Michelle Bachmann does have a thick skin, letting the diatribe run off of her, like water of a ducks back. Don’t let her slender appearance deceive you, as she has a strong backbone and will fight against the greed, rot and corruption in Washington today and yesterday. You can listen to the usual rhetoric of this administration and even some in the Republican establishment or you can vote for a leader for the People; ALL THE PEOPLE? Voting for the usual career politicians will give America much of the same.

    So what does that old quote say? “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The American people have been brought and sold behind closed doors for years.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    [censor test #3]

    • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

      “watch the doctor 
      listen to the doctor 
      polls are manipulated 
      polls are used to manipulate 
      Iowa polls were proven very wrong”

  • Kevingray018

    Everyone needs to take a closer look at Mitt Romney. Right now all we are hearing about is Perry but Romney is more impressive. He led Masscahusetts out of debt during his one term and led Bain & Company out of crisis. He’s what we need, especially right now

  • Whokid

    Ron Paul should win urs the best one out the rest. Why the hell should we help Israel an other foreign coumtries. They keep saying Israel is are ally we need to support them and all that bullshit why don’t they mention the fact that we gave Israel some technology that they turned around an sold to china are the fact that the only way you can be a citizen in Israel is if your a Jew other wise your not allowed to are the fact that Israel offered people the right of return which they have no intentions of keeping that promise