Police Officer That Had Sex On Hood Of A Car Fired

Written by Jessica Smith on Sep. 04, 2011

A New Mexico police officer has been terminated from his position as a Santa Fe police officer after a web video surfaced on the Internet showing him having sex with a woman on the hood of a car in broad daylight. In the video that later went viral, he was wearing his full uniform, but it is not known if he was on duty or not.

Police officials say that Bert Lopez had been temporarily on paid administrative leave while they investigated the case. The tape of Lopez and an unidentified woman was taken at a remote county-owned ranch just south of Santa Fe, and the video was caught by a motion-activated digital camera that was installed in an effort to record trespassers that may have been entering the vacant property.

Police say that they have spoken to the woman and have come to the conclusion that nothing illegal happened. Although Lopez has been fired, no charges have been filed against him, according to reports.

Many defenders of Brian noted that the incident seemed out of character for him as he has gone on to receive various awards throughout his career. In May of 2010, he was honored as the New Mexico State Police District 1’s officer of the year and two months later received a “Challenge Coin” for going beyond the call of duty.

While police say that he did nothing illegal and that no charges have been filed against him, he reportedly broke the police code of conduct that, among other things, tells officers that they must “strive to maintain the highest level of ethical behavior” and “display [their] pride by demonstrating dignity and self respect through person attitudes, actions, and appearance.”

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    Only positive out of this guy was getting in it. positive for me because he is my example in my Professional Ethics class. Dummy.