Police Called To Charlie Sheen’s Home For Violating Restraining Order

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 11, 2011

Charlie Sheen will not be soon getting out of the entertainment news spotlight. The latest, which was broke by TMZ earlier tonight, involves police being called to Charlie Sheen’s home in Beverly Hills for breaking a restraining order involving weapons around 8PM PST on Thursday evening.

Scary photos of Charlie Sheen on top of a roof, holding a machete and drinking “Tiger’s Blood”

According to People, about “two or three patrol cars” are stationed at his home, according to LAPD staffer Stacy Ball. No 911 call was placed, however. TMZ is reporting that the cops have converged at the home because Sheen has violating the temporary restraining order placed by his ex-wife Brooke Mueller which doesn’t allow Sheen to have any possession of weapons.

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The report goes on to say that the cops at the home may even go as far as to put Sheen in an involuntary psychiatric hold. As we reported previously here on Etidbits.com, psychiatrists who are not associated with Sheen have suggested that Sheen should be hospitalized against his will due. “[Sheen] thinks he is above it all. Like God. This could easily be mania or hypo-mania where there is an alteration in brain chemistry and it’s causing them to act in a bizarre way,” Dr. Reef Karim recently told the Today Show.

Photos: Shocking photos of Sheen holding a machete while drinking “Tiger Blood” atop a roof

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