Pittsburgh Flash Flooding Death Toll Rises To Four

Written by Keith Roberts on Aug. 20, 2011

On Saturday, Pittsburgh police say they found the body of Mary Saflin, a 72-year-old woman who had believed to have gone missing during the Pittsburgh flash flood. She was found at the Allegheny River and was pronounced dead at 12:50PM Saturday. She and three others were found dead during the flooding.

The Friday afternoon flooding caused at least 18 vehicles to be stranded in the dangerous high water flooding. Motorists held on to tree branches, climbed atop the roof of their cars, and others were forced to swim to safety as paramedics arrived. At least 11 people were rescued.

The state Department of Transportation is still trying to determine why the heavy storms brought on the flooding on Washington Boulevard near Allegheny River. Many are blaming the city for the sewers being unable to handle the large capacity of rain that fell — 2.1 inches during rush hour and 3 to 4 inches overall.

A Plum, Pennsylvania woman, Kimberly Griffiths, 45, and her two daughters — Brenna, 12, and Mikaela, 8 — were killed during the storms when their car became trapped in the nine foot water and drowned. They were pronounced dead inside their car at 6:10PM on Friday, according to the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office.

“It was a big dump of rain,” Rihaan Gangat of the National Weather Service told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the storms. “We had a slow-moving front that came through and caused these thunderstorms with a lot of rain within an hour. Multiple inches, very heavy rain, causing flooding. Not so much wind damage, but some hail reports.”

The floods also caused power outages throughout the city as almost 11,000 customers were left without electrictity. Earlier today, On Saturday, Duquesne Light Co. said that much of its customers who had their power knocked out on Friday should now have their power restored.

  • Chocoveredpeach

    Crap, I was just there for the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. That is so unreal. Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected.

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    is it safe to travel to Grove city this time, Sunday