Pippa Middleton & Prince Harry ‘Let Loose’ During Wedding After Party

Written by Michael Lambarde on Apr. 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding, which saw Catherine “Kate” Middleton and Prince William tie the knot, may now be history, but the world is still talking about it. Specifically, talk of how beautiful Middleton look remains a popular topic, as well as details about who made her dress. Many are also looking at how long it takes a fashion designer to duplicate the dress for other brides-to-be.

PHOTOS: Shots of Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton looking cute together at the Royal Wedding

Another talking point coming out of the wedding in London, England also seems to be not on the bride herself, but her sister Pippa. Pippa Middleton, of course, was part of the dress on Friday, as she was the Maid of Honor of her sister. During the wedding, Pippa walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey in a gorgeous white-down as she was flanked with two flower girls. Nonetheless, the talking point regarding Pippa was how adorable she looked with Prince William’s brother, Prince Harry. Despite the late son of Princess Diana currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Chelsy Davy for about seven years, the Internet has taken to the new couple, and as we mentioned before, have even created Facebook fan pages dedicated to the two becoming the next royal couple.

PHOTOS: The Royal Wedding – shots of Kate Middleton and Prince William exchanging vows and Kate’s stunning dress

Many experts weighing in say that while Harry and Chelsy have been going out for quite a while, they don’t see the couple taking the extra step and getting married, but no one knows that except Harry and his partner. Nonetheless, it is fun to speculate even though nothing will likely come out of it. But it should be important to note that Pippa and Harry reportedly had a fun time and were together almost the entire time. A source noted that they were “well behaved” during the ceremony and were waiting until the after party to really let loose.

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