Paula Abdul: Simon Cowell Is Obsessed With Me!

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 09, 2011

Paula Abdul, who had the season finale of her CBS reality series “Live To Dance” tonight on CBS, and is probably best known for being a judge on FOX’s “American Idol”, told Jay Leno last night on “The Tonight Show” that she believes Simon Cowell is obsessed with her.

Leno asked Paula if she misses Simon after both of them left “American Idol”. Paula admitted that she does miss Simon. She also mentioned that she misses all the other people at the show. She, however, added that she believes Simon was obsessed with her. When Leno asked her whether she knew Simon was a huge fan of her, Paula said that, “’I think you need to take mass off and put obsess-ive. Yeah he’s obsessed with me.” (click here to view the video).

Simon Cowell has his version of the “X-Factor” coming this upcoming fall for FOX. The show is hugely successful in the United Kingdom and the producers want to replicate it in the United States. When Paula was asked whether she would love to work with Simon sometime in the future, perhaps even judging “X-Factor” with Cowell, she was positive that she will work with Cowell in the future, but she didn’t talk about actually judging on the upcoming FOX reality show.

Paula said she has seen Simon’s Super Bowl promo for “X Factor” and thinks that he did a great job with the promo, but not before Leno poked fun of how similar it was to her original promo for “Live to Dance”.

Video: Paula Abdul talks about Simon Cowell and talks about “American Idol” on the “Tonight Show”

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