Over 1.5 Million Watch The Viral VW Mini Darth Vader Super Bowl Commercial

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 08, 2011

Earlier today, we posted about the viral Skechers Shakeups shoebrand featuring Kim Kardashian that has gone viral, but perhaps the most popular advertisement during Sunday’s Super Bowl on FOX featured Volkswagen’s Mini Darth Vader commercial for the Super Bowl was arguably one of the best this year (click here to view the ad). The commercial has received a lot of hits on YouTube. On Monday’s edition of NBC’s Today’s Show, the identity of the younger boy in the commercial was revealed.

His name, by the way, is Max Pagehasm from Southern California. The remarkable thing is that 6-year-old Max is suffering from a heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot. The commercial had been viewed on YouTube more than 1.5 million times on Thursday. However by Friday, the commercial had received more than 7 million views. The figure is expected to go up much higher because of the fact that it has now been shown on the Super Bowl.

Max in the commercial was trying in vain to use supernatural powers to move things in his house. In the middle of it, his father drove his VW in and parked it inside. Max then tried his ‘supernatural’ powers on his father’s car and the headlights came on. The only problem was that it was not his telepathy that made the car’s headlight come on. Rather it was his father that switched the headlight on from inside the house.

Video: The Mini Darth Vader VW Super Bowl Commercial

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