Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr Have Their First Baby!

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 09, 2011

Orlando Bloom and his wife Miranda Kerr have given birth to their first child, according to sources close to the couple. The two became the parents to the baby boy after Miranda gave birth on Thursday. According to sources, the Australian supermodel gave birth to the baby at a Los Angeles hospital. A spokesperson for the couple said that ever since the new member in the family arrived, the happiness of the parents has known no limits.

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Miranda Kerr’s parents, Therese and John Kerr flew to Los Angeles to be with their daughter who is currently engrossed in doting her little one. Prior to the actual delivery, a false alarm was raised on the Boxing Day that the Victoria’s Secret model had gone into labor. However, according to the reports, the 27 year old gave birth to the child a few weeks ago than doctors had predicted. The ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean” star tied the knot secretly with Miranda Kerr in July 2010 after dating for three years. Shortly after their marriage they had announced the news of Miranda Kerr’s pregnancy.

CUTE PHOTOS: Shots of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr from a few months back, holding hands with Miranda’s baby bump showing!

Miranda Kerr who although has given birth to her son in the U.S. said that she will ensure that her son spends a lot of time in Australia, from where she hails. Miranda Kerr after announcing that she was expecting her first child stated that motherhood was something which she craved for asserting that both pregnancy and having kids are a vital part of life. She claimed that she draws her inspiration from renowned models like Heidi Klum and Alessandra Ambrosio who have continued to manage both motherhood and their modeling career successfully.

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