Oprah Winfrey Reunites With Her Half Sister Patricia

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 26, 2011

Over the years, you may have noticed that Oprah Winfrey has reunited members of a number of families together, a factor which has hugely contributed to accentuate the popularity of the series. When the talk show queen announced prior to last night’s episode that it would include a reunion of her own, speculation starting running rampant on what her big announcement was going to be, and who exactly she would be reuniting with.

PHOTOS: Shots of Oprah Winfrey’s sister, Patricia, on the set of her show Monday morning!

As expected, the ardent followers of the show were surely not left disappointed during Monday night’s episode of the hit show, as Oprah Winfrey introduced to the world her half-sister, she never knew she had. During the much-anticipated episode, the viewers were kept glued to the television screens as the talk show empress revealed her long lost half-sister, Patricia. Oprah Winfrey told her viewers that she was “literally shaken to the core” last year when she was told that she had a half sister, who her mother had given away for adoption soon after she was born. Over the years, Patricia is said to have been longing to be reunited with her family and ultimately the day came on Thanksgiving last year.

Prior to the airing of the episode, the talk show host said in a promotional trailer that for the past few years, her chat show has played the role of being the platform for reuniting families. Oprah Winfrey added, “I thought I’d seen it all, but this is the miracle of all miracles.” Well, her fans can surely vouch for the fact.

To view exclusive photos of Patricia Winfrey, Oprah’s sister, on the set of her sister’s daytime talk show, you can click here to view the gallery.

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