Old Playboy Photos Of ‘Mad Men’ Star Christina Hendricks Surface

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 15, 2011

Many people consider Christina Hendricks of AMC’s “Mad Men” as one of the sexiest woman in the world, but those fans may have another reason to say that moniker. A picture of the “Mad Men” star, who is the envy of several women for her luscious curves, was released over the web recently with a completely different look than the one we are used to these days.

PHOTOS: Christina Hendricks in Playboy in 1999 – can you spot her?

Playboy, one of the world famous men’s magazine which has thousands of beauties lined up just to be featured in it for once, had lured Christina Hendricks at one time, too. For all of you who did not know of the actress’ past, can now have a glimpse of it. The photos that the magazine posted on the giant social networking site unleashed the past of the 35-year-old actress, making her almost unrecognizable! The magazine tweeted “Tuesday Trivia” asking viewers to guess which famous actress was it on the photo. The photo dates back to almost 12 years in 1999 when Christina Hendricks certainly looked more petite.

Playboy later on was seen addressing the viewers saying that those who had made the right guess have way to go, adding a recent photo of the actress on the right side of the Playboy photo-shoot picture to point out the difference. The photo shows the actress barely clad in a silver bikini while sporting a long blond wig joined by two other white Playboy models dressed in the same way. All three of them were engaged in feeding some kind of red potion to a Speedo-clad dark handsome man.

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