Ohio Serial Killer Anthony Sowell Given Death Penalty Sentence

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 13, 2011

Ohio serial killer Anthony Sowell, 51, was sentenced to death on Friday under the orders of a judge in Cuyhoga County after a recommendation of a jury.

Sowell, who was convicted for murdering 11 women and scattering their remains around his house, listened to statements from family members of the victims that he killed for an hour before his sentence was delivered by Judge Dick Ambrose.

“In my opinion you’re going to hell for your actions,” a daughter of murder victim Donnita Carmichael told him. She added, “Anthony, you are an animal and hell awaits your arrival.” Sowell never looked directly at any of the family members that read the statements.

Prior to the sentence, Sowell apologized for his actions earlier last week. “The only thing I want to say is that I’m sorry,” Sowell said. “I know that may not seem like much. And I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. This is not typical of me. I don’t know what happened. I can’t explain it. But I know it’s not a lot, but that’s all I can give.”

Sowell was given the death penalty for each of the women he murdered, in addition to other charges related to rape and abuse of a corpse. Sowell’s conviction and death sentence, by Ohio law, will be appealed by the Ohio Supreme Court, which could take about 10 years or more.

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    President Abdulla

    ‘f l i e s,’

    The Fighter Jet…

    by Thomas Sithole

    (28 December 2025–FF News) South Africa’s President Omar Abdulla flies the X1881 fighter

    jet to India this afternoon where it is said that his wife will be attending the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation,

    The Sachin Tendulkar Orphanage, The New Delhi Association and The Westwood Academy of


    His wife, who is originally from India, forms the heritage of her nation by visiting the country annually

    and this time, the president will be joining her.

    About 320,000 results for President Abdulla


    Alisha – Made In India (Remix)

    “He will be supporting his wife’s charity givings by flying his H1881 to Mumbai and will

    arrive on Saturday, meeting guests who welcome the president and his team to

    the treasured nation.”

    President of India Mrs. Antonette Adams

    says that Abdulla’s wife was the most beloved

    woman since the 21st Century and India had welcomed her with ‘open-arms.’

    Stardust says that the president will address

    the nation in Mumbai, Calcutta, and

    will travel to Pakistan for a four leg nation tour talking about supporting the sub-continent

    towards the betterment of society.

    “Let us hold hands to support nations who maintain united forces in our country.” says

    a reporter for CNN.


    Priyanka Chopra flies into the

    American limelight with “Exotic,” “Planes”

    Speaking to Footprints in Sandton, local resident Mrs. Sharmila Armani says that she felt

    wooed that the president’s wife had kept mum about donating an estimated 679

    corer for the construction of the School in New Delhi that would support victims who

    had failed to pass their regulatory examinations.

    “Abdulla has improved the quality of standards in South Africa by amending the constitution

    and work force so that the economy of South Africa has remained balance. His calls by members

    from New Delhi have brought his wife to the limelight since she traveled from India to marry him.”
    says The New York Times…

    Mrs. Priyanka Abdulla who was well- known in her days as Priyanka Chopra told The Saturday Star

    that she was Bollywood’s most favorite person after she met and fell in love with the president.

    “We met on an Indian chat forum in 2012, and spoke over the telephone…He had traveled

    to India in the fall of 2014, when we had shared moments that no-one cared to share. I moved

    to South Africa and have returned to India because of my love affair for India.”

    Mrs. Abdulla said on NDTV

    that she had supported the

    betterment of society

    and heritage of

    India by being an Ambassador

    to the nation after emigrating

    to South Africa.

    “All my fans and friends

    live in India and when

    I met Omar, I fell totally


    and he gave

    me the bells and whistles

    on my tummy.

    We are here today because

    we feel that as a couple we can

    do so much more for our

    country’s by being happy

    and supporting

    village projects that require investment.”

    President of The United States Mr. Bruce Wayne says that he was thrilled that Abdulla

    had stood to their meetings when Democratic leaders had supported his party in 2023.

    “Since his election he has rocketed as the most-advanced president of current times,

    and all we can do is support his plan to support India’s starving population.”


    Priyanka Chopra on Achievers’ Club

    Radio New Delhi says that people have become different in India after The United States,

    Britain, South Africa and Sweden had poured over $2 trillion dollars into the country.

    “If you were to walk the streets of New Delhi on a Thursday afternoon, you would

    see the country as highly developed with only certain villages still that require attention. India

    has debated numerous times to South Africa that they had supported their initiatives through

    trade and information for the Indian Asian Council of South Africa.”

    The Herman Botha Foundation

    of Education says that they had built 2102 schools and universities internationally

    and are using programs set in place to provide quicker and faster forms of education for children

    who ride bicycles to school and university graduates who drive on the dirt roads of Calcutta.”

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) reported

    to The Presidential Box that their on-going talks with India and Pakistan was to capture

    and seize well known terrorist Sheik Abdul Khan Ismail.

    “He was been on the most wanted list since the CIA had received tip off that he was financing

    a terror attack in India and these terrorists have financed Arabian owned terrorist organizations

    including Al Wahaab and Al Jamina.”

    According to sources close to Reuters, the space station located on the North of Earth had estimated

    that India’s population was downsizing after adopting the Chinese approach of “Household-Hands…”

    “Indians are baby makers and a family of eight children is perhaps too small…We have set bans on families

    in India that they are only allowed a maximum of two children, and if any woman were to give

    birth to her third child, government would adopt the child.”

    President of South Africa Mr. Omar Abdulla who in his speech to residents from India says that he

    knows nothing about the charity work that his wife does and only agreed to join her on this expedition

    because of her bleeding heart to residents of India.

    “All she does and thinks about is India. When she moved to South Africa in 2016

    to become my

    my third wife, I knew that one day she will lay foot back on Indian soil.”

    The Indian government said in a statement that The Abdulla’s flight to India has already

    brought the smiles and giggles on the faces of Indians…

    “Their visit today will be remembered for sharing their attitude about bringing together under privileged

    nations so that they may grow and have better quality standards of lifestyle.”

    Local resident from Faridapal near the coast of India, Dr. Zakkiyyah Ameen says that she was perplexed

    when she heard the first lady of South Africa visiting.

    “She has always been a couple of steps ahead of me in so many ways. I love Priyanka and have watched

    her since 2003.”

    The Bollywood Times noted on their website that the first lady’s address to welfare personalities

    at a meeting in Mumbai, will allow foreign companies and organizations to support the building projects

    in India.

    “It’s all Priyanka, Priyanka, Priyanka,” here in India, and SA’s most talked about president could just

    say that he supports whatever his wife wants.


    Nobel Peace Prize ‘up for grabs,’

    as President Abdulla’s

    poll increases…

    by Waseem Chotia

    (2 December 2025–FF News) SA’s President Omar Abdulla has been quickly becoming

    the world’s greatest president after his negotiations with UN and US members last


    “He has forked merger deals with over 3000 businesses in

    The United States and Southern America’s

    so that imported stock and merchandise will be

    available in South Africa below inflated produce.”

    Speaking to Footprints in Washington, local resident Mr. Donavan Govendar says that president

    had dealt with members from The United States and was edging South Africa towards the leading

    and fastest growing country in the world.

    “If we were to look at the year on year chart for previous presidents who had ruled South Africa

    before his election, we would talk about the likes of President Paul Kruger, President FW De Klerk,

    President Nelson Mandela and President Jacob Zuma.”

    Although the president had won several a w a r d s before his election in 2023, many had felt that

    it was his walk, many had spoke that it was his voice whilst the majority of South African’s felt that

    it was his willingness to learn from the forefathers of history that nominated him for the 2025

    Nobel Peace Prize for Peace and Humanity.

    “His work and ethic when it comes to dealing with local and international matters has always been

    world number one…He had befriended former US president Mr. Barack Obama in 2006 and from

    there Obama has always kept a watchful eye on him…” says The New York Tabloid…

    The South African Sun says that South African’s were chanting Abdullla’s name,


    when the UN had elected him

    as General Secretary.

    “He has taken this responsibility from former Mr. Xani Jinping to support humanitarian rights

    throughout the globe so that no man goes to bed hungry, no criminal goes unpunished,

    and no rose dies.”

    Local Pretoria resident Mrs. Michelle Kruger says that she had supported Abdulla’s plea

    to The Nobel Peace Prize Council of Switzerland to widen the gap and nominated


    “I am happy and yet sad, that so many worldwide presidents serve the council,

    and all were selected from the hat from the panel of The Nobel Peace Prize Council. As Mr.

    Alfred Nobel would say in his words that the world can only be a safer and better place

    if we just see the brothers and sisters in the people we meet.”

    Minister of Foreign Affairs for

    South Africa,

    Mr. Rupert Onyx says that South


    was starting to realize the

    importance of a

    president who cares to share.

    “We as South African’s have

    led the

    African continent since 1888,

    and should sustain

    and maintain our relationships with

    local and international allies who see the scope

    of a better tomorrow.”

    Speaking Via Skype, Minister of Finance

    and Economics, Mr. William Nkosi

    noted that South Africa’s

    economy had more than doubled with the support and guidance of

    international leaders who

    saw South Africa as an ideal ground for investment.

    “When the British had seen South Africa in the 17th Century,

    they had realized that it was

    their legacy to walk the kingdom of The Republic…

    Today, we have Americans, Chinese, Japanese

    and Brazilians who walk the streets of South Africa.”

    “Over 300 presidents and more than two million people are

    said to share the moment

    of when the results of The Nobel Peace Prize are released.” says The British Tabloid.

    The Guinness Book of World Records noted in their 2025

    edition that two million people

    were competing for The Nobel Peace Prize that awards

    Mankind in the fields

    of Information and Technology, Family Dynamics and Planning,

    Sport and Recreation, Peace

    and Humanity, Science and Aviation, Mining and Global Protection,

    Space and Matter Synthetics,

    Farming and Agriculture, Animal Research and Development,

    Community Council and Management,

    Ministry and Development, Global Economics, Biological Advancement

    and over 200 other Nobel
    Peace Prize sectors.

    stand the


    Alfred Nobel Kimdir Dinamit ve ödülleri YouTube

    The Midrand Daily wrote that South African’s were

    slowing learning to invest more into themselves

    to improve the quality and standards of their thinking.

    “All great miracles develop with thought, word and deed…And today’s Nobel Peace

    Prize giveaway is to ‘ensure-‘-n-insure,’ that the worlds most 200 influential people be


    The Zurich Sun noted on their DVD newspaper that South African’s who had moved

    from South Africa to Switzerland were flocking back to South Africa after Abdulla’s election.

    “When previous presidents had commitment ed their heinous crimes in South Africa, many

    residents had ran to other country’s. Together with Abdulla’s 447 member parliament all

    sails well in The uBuntu.”

    President Abdulla attends the six day Nobel Peace Prize challenge and will continue his

    European tour to Austria, Germany, England and France wrote The Abdulla Administration.

    Deputy President of South Africa Mr. Michael Eisenhower, says that he had trusted the presidents

    decision to mingle with European decent to bring the magic once lost.

    “During the times of Apartheid, many foreign country’s had dis-invested and Abdulla’s meetings

    with Nobel Peace Prize winners and European bosses will allow South Africa the friendship

    we once lost.”

    Minister of Crime and Corruption Mr. Gary Reynolds,

    in The United States told members from the community

    that everyday residents had welcomed The Nobel Peace Prize offering
    the promotion and advancement of the future.

    “From the times our fathers traded on the streets corners of India, we evolved into

    trading on stock market platforms, and then we learn’t that buying and selling

    was a matter of carriage.”

    South Africa’s Daily Sun says that South African’s had improved the standards of their

    living as HID, as rural and UN-developed communities were being

    developed by South African

    contractors and businessmen.

    “The squatter camps of South Africa have been revamped and

    repaired so that all South African’s

    enjoy the power of Eskom and the communication of Telkom…”

    reported the presidency.

    Zimbabwean resident Mrs. Shaina Chopra says to The Zim SIM

    that she had supported Abdulla’s

    election in 2023, after the amendment constitution where

    Zimbabweans and surrounding

    country’s could vote in the national election.

    “My family and I had queued on that treasured election day

    when the rain had poured

    on our umbrella’s. He has always been a South African

    resident with a heart of Gold,

    and if his heart is anything to do with his ambition he could

    win more than three nominated



    President Abdulla


    Lenasia residents…

    (8 December 2025–FF News) South Africa’s Hottest Hunk President

    Omar Abdulla was called upon by LENZ residents this afternoon after


    had complained to the presidency that the president was not

    doing his job.

    “He was elected because of his manner in which he sold us.

    Nowadays, the president spends 90% abroad

    and only 10% in South Africa. He has mingled with billionaires but

    fails to see the neglect in the community

    by falling buildings, the high-rate of crime and prostitution on

    our streets and the community neighborhood

    has died since 2013…” said a resident.

    Another Lenasia resident, Mr. Iqbal Soomar says that the

    president had neglected the smaller communities

    in South Africa including Laudium, Lenasia, Brakpan, Benoni,

    Waterkloof, Presidents Avenue, Sandton

    and Soweto.

    “He spends more time overseas and meets with international leaders

    by knowing what matters on the ground. He

    can sell trillions of dollars, but does not care about the retired pensioner,

    the hungry son, the crushed mother

    and the community friend who burglar ed his neighbors property.”


    Outrage over Lenasia house demolitions

    The Lenasia Express reported that President Abdulla’s address

    to Lenasia residents was to sought the mess

    created when he got elected in 2023.

    “Many Lenasia residents had threw millions of rands his way

    towards his build up as President of South Africa,

    and now that he had been elected, he has not kept to his

    promises on the thousands of debates he has

    partaken in…”

    The Durban Daily noted on their website that the

    president’s poll has risen by 43% internationally

    and only 8%

    in South Africa.

    “South African’s fail to see the change that the president

    has brought to our country. They feel that he got

    elected because it was the people he knew, some say

    that he was lucky, whilst the jealously of the hyena’s

    say that it was because he had received revelation

    from God.”

    “He was elected because he knew nothing and as the

    puppet- master of The United States, he would

    play second fiddle to their buyout deals.”

    said an angry Lenasia resident.

    In an Exclusive Interview with Footprints in Lenasia,

    Mr. Imtiaz Paruk says that he had built shopping

    Malls in Lenasia, Laudium, Phoenix, Wyn berg, Randfontein,

    Randburg, Midrand and Mamelodi and when

    he heard that the president was visiting the community

    he had booked The ‘VIP,’ suite.

    “President Abdulla is the most notorious and dangerous

    businessman and often swelled his prey with

    a quick force. He has been dynamic to the community

    and our family since we heard about him. When he met

    Mr. Warren Buffett in 2010, he never really knew that

    I admired his work and always followed his run up for election. He

    has only been president of the country for two years,

    and we have looters breaking shop windows who disagree with

    methods he has laid in parliament.”

    Minister of Community Leadership and Management

    Mrs. Charmaine Pretorious says that she had played an active role in the

    community since Apartheid, and since 2013, many

    wealthy residents had moved out.

    “In the olden days when our parents were the

    talk of town, community neighbors would sit outside

    their homes and have a braai, we had Sunday afternoon

    togetherness, we would never romance our boyfriends

    at home, and often had fun times that today perhaps

    seems a bit dull for our community.”

    The Funky Monkey says on their website that teenagers

    and youth had adapted to the modern world

    of thinking by moving into their partners homes before

    their adulthood.

    “Community leadership and management deals with

    the lower class, middle class, upper class and super-rich

    of the community. Lenasia had exceeded their

    population in 2010, and was infested by non-nationals that

    sometimes leaves a rat creeping into a drain pipe.”

    Local Lenasia resident Miss. Parishka Harilal,

    told Footprints in Johannesburg, that South African’s

    were conceptualizing president

    Abdulla’s plan by withdrawing current

    Council leader Mrs. Amina Khota.

    “We had voted her because we saw the need

    for her authority and leadership in the community. All she

    does is take orders from senior Ministers without

    any intervention. We have agreed to sign a petition to

    ban her as Council leader of Lenasia.” said an

    anonymous resident.

    The Robertsham Times says that South African’s

    had welcomed President Abdulla’s election but had

    disagreed by bringing the death penalty, the legalization

    of marijuana and red-light districts, and the implementation

    of ‘Household-Hands,’ in Cabinet.

    “He has played the divide and rule policy with key

    Ministers from the presidency and has double played

    his hands in The Western Cape and North West.”

    South African Minister of Health and Safety

    Mrs. Urmilla Mamasetho added to President Abdulla’s speech

    by saying that she had voted for the president

    and had still stood with his promises.


    Lenasia resident speaks of Housing Scam

    “He is the most energetic speaker and when he

    walks into a room, the entire room envelopes. Besides

    the bad posters to remove him as president, I

    still feel that he can keep his promise of leading the country

    as President for five terms. He has already brought

    R4000 billion rand in the last two years, that has relaxed

    the rate of inflation and interest rates.”

    Laudium resident Miss. Raeesa Tayob says that

    she had supported Abdulla’s plea to Lenasia residents by ignoring

    President of Russia’s statement about Oceanic


    “Lenasia residents will always complain that their power switches

    off unexpectedly, they will always complain

    their daughters get pregnant before adulthood,

    they will always complain that this is not right and this is left

    out. We as members from Parliament can say is that

    we must be grateful each day for the water that drips

    from our taps, we should be grateful each day that

    we traveled to work safely, we should be grateful that

    our parents are alive, we should be grateful that

    our friends still laugh at our jokes and we

    should be grateful

    that the person we see in the mirror is the

    most important person in our lives…”

    As upset community residents,

    had burnt his book,

    “My Father, The President,”

    outside the invitation



    had said that his ranking

    had still matched the

    standards and quality

    of 81% popularity.

    “In every community

    we will have our


    who feel that they

    know it all…


    they can do is watch on their television

    screens how the president

    tackles his next major tide.”

    Mr. Farouk Shar, another Lenasia

    resident posed a question

    to Mr. Abdulla asking him about his current

    plan of control with The African Union.

    “The African Union has supported South Africa by

    donating thousands of resources and tools to assist

    everyday residents with the brains of services and goods production…

    Our aim is to use these African

    leaders approach of farming and agriculture so that our resources

    are used with a hedged risk with

    our provincial partners.”

    Mr. Aboobaker Jaffer, concluded that Abdulla’s major wins

    since his election was the agreeing of nominating

    the South African rand as the base currency in Africa, the

    development of 300 000 homes locally, the linking

    and joining of certain provinces and the aggressive

    investment into the youth.

    “A journey of a thousands miles begins with a single step.

    He has taken the ‘leap of faith,’ by withdrawing

    ANC personality from Lenasia, he has shuffled the

    Minister of Finance with the Minister of Transport and

    has whiplash ed community council leaders who

    fail to report to their Ministers, every 15 days.”