Obama Adviser Looking To Run In U.S. Senate Race

Written by Keith Roberts on Aug. 20, 2011

President Obama’s adviser Elizabeth Warren is inching closer to possibly facing off against freshman Republican Senator Scott Brown in the 2012 Massachusetts U.S. Senate race, according to recent reports. This past Thursday, the Harvard Law professor and liberal favorite Warren formed an exploratory committee and launched a website to test the waters of possibly running.

“Elizabeth has spent the last week listening to people from across the commonwealth as she considers a campaign for the U.S. Senate,” Kyle Sullivan, a Warren spokesperson, said. “She wants to continue this conversation, and the exploratory committee will allow her to do so.”

In addition, she is meeting with Democratic officials across the state and will decide if she wants to run in the primary shortly after Labor Day. If she decides to run, many see her as the favorite amongst the Democratic field to take back the seat that was held by Ted Kennedy before it was vacated after his death.

In 2010, Scott Brown won a special election, defeating Democrat Martha Coakley, the Attorney General of Massachusetts, by over 4 percentage points.

According to a poll administered by the National Republican Senatorial Committee and Scott Brown, early polling suggests that Brown leads Warren by 25 points amongst likely 2012 voters, 53-28 percent. However, many Democratic supporters of Warren note that the poll is ridiculous considering that it was done by a Republican-backed group and Warren hasn’t officially confirmed she is running yet, let alone won the primary.

Just last week, Warren posted a blog entry on Bluemassgroup.com, asking for ideas from her supporters on how they would fix a “badly broken political system”.

At the time, she wrote, “In the weeks ahead, I want to hear from you about the challenges we face and how we get our economy growing again. I also want to hear your ideas about how we can fix what all of us – regardless of party – know is a badly broken political system In Washington, I saw up close and personal how much influence special interests have over our law-making, and I saw just how hard it is for families to be heard. I want to hear your thoughts about how we can make sure that our voices –our families, our friends, and our neighbors — are heard again.”

Dough Rubin, who helped run the campaigns for Governor Deval Patrick, and Kyle Sullivan, who was a spokesperson for Patrick at one point, are all looking to help Warren run a possible campaign.

  • Laaugust76


    • Right mind( fluoride saturated ) can do wonders.

    • Jem4045

      The real question is, who would not vote for her? She is a shining star amoung all the tea bag traitors we have now. She is a champion of consumer rights and transparency in consumer lending. She tries to protect ordinary consumers from the greedy criminal practices of the GOP. People like Scott Brown for one. If anyone feels she is not going to win, they are “confused.” Lol!

  • Tomnewtn

    Another progressive fascist posing as a do gooder so no one notices her stealing your liberty right before your very eyes. Warren has contempt for anyone who doesn’t believe as she does. She wants to transform…not repair. Transform America to a government centric progressives utopia. Go back where you came from hippie

    • Publisher

      you ignorant ass! You have not a clue about what is going on!

  • DS

    Explain the tern “progressive fascist” please.

    • DS


    • Anonymous

      google it dude, you have to have people doing everything for you? liberal/progressive fascism is a term used A LOT these days, it would do you good to know what it means.

      • Dsmithville

        Progressive fascism is fascism that just keeps getting better.

      • Jem4045

        You are either rich or confused. Next!

    • Fascism and National Socialism (NAZI) are far right political ideologies which involve using government authority to enforce or reassert an idealized traditional social order. Some conservatives like to put up a front that they are against “Big Government”, when they are actually more specifically against pluralism and social welfare policies and could care less if government is used to help Big Business or to enforce a traditional or reactionary social order. If there were a reference to someone being on the far left, it might be more accurate to reference them as being communist or socialist.

      Using the term “progressive fascist” is part of a misguided attempt to identify any authoritarian govenment as somehow being to the left and to disacknowlege any possibiity of there being a far right or right-wing extremist ideology. It also disregards the fact that Communists/Socialists and Nazis/Fascists were opposed to each other, as evidenced by events transpiring in Europe in the early half of the 20th Century. The use of terms like fascist and nazi against progressives or liberals is oxymoronic, but also just name calling that has no real meaning other than to support conservative propaganda.

    • Jem4045

      According to the tea bag traitors, and GOP criminals, a “progressive fascist” would be anyone who does not bow down and kow tow to them. I would much rather be a “progressive” than a GOP traitor. ANY DAY!

  • Anonymous

    I bet quite a few of Obama’s staffers are carefully looking around for a new job…

    • Jem4045

      I would not cash in yet. The tea bag traitorous GOP will be replaced in 2012. Americans are tired of criminals and lying cheats. It will be the traitors looking for work. Not the DEMS. I am taking that bet. Next!

      • Oklasooners7

        Traitorous gop. You need to check the record of your current demo in charge. Off the top of my head. What gives him the right to form a super congress? This country was founded on checks and balances and he has now taken that away.

  • Everyone wants a piece of the friggin’ pie. These people need to learn there are consequences for bad behavior and that they cannot use our governing body as their personal lemonade stand. She should reconsider.

    • Jem4045

      You are confused. She is as honest as Obama, squeaky clean. If you believe in the tea bag traitors, you seriously do not know much about how our government works. Next!

  • Cougar

    Truth be told the Republican party has destroyed America.  A party is only as good as the people you elect to be your leaders.  Where has that gotten us?

    Yes, the Democrats spend too much.  However, the Republicans don’t seem to have the intelligence nor vision for leadership.  They are also greedy in catering to tax loopholes for the rich. 

    We need to rebuild America NOW.  Stop shipping jobs overseas.  I refuse to buy anything made in CHINA and so should US constructions workers in building and housing. 

    Stand up and be counted.  Do your part to get America back on track.