Norway Shooting & Bombing Suspect Reenacts July Massacre

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 15, 2011

The Norway massacre suspect that is accused of killing 77 people during a bombing and shooting spree has revisited the scene of the crime. According to his attorney, Anders Behring Breivik agreed to go through a reenactment with police on Saturday around Utoya, Norway.

Being escorted with numerous amounts of police officers, Breivik went on a tour of Utoya island to tell his story of how 69 people were shot and how eight people were killed in a bomb explosion.

During the walk-through, Breivik — who has confessed to the bombings and shootings — was handcuffed and his ankles were shackled at times. At one point in the footage released, he was seen making out a gun shape with his hands.

The reenactment took place for nearly eight hours as one police helicopter followed his every move atop of him and six police boats surrounded the island.

“It’s important they get to know as much as possible about what happened on the island, even if it has to come from the suspect himself,” Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby, a police prosecutor, said. “We’re seeking as many details as possible about each killing.”

Kraby noted that Breivik was “not unmoved” being back on the island and that he had “no expression of regret for his actions.”

Most of the victims of the massacre that took place on July 22 were under the age of 20, and were on a summer camp.