Nicollette Sheridan Denies Taking Part In Final ‘Desperate Housewives’ Season

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 08, 2011

With it being announced that the upcoming season of Desperate Housewives will be its last, the star in initial seasons of the series, Nicollette Sheridan is denying reports that she will be starring in the final season.

Sheridan played her character Edie Britt for five season before she was killed off. The drama wasn’t just on-screen, however, as she sued the creator of the series, Marc Cherry, for wrongful dismissal. The trial will be held this October.

According to a recent article by the Hollywood Reporter, Cherry leaked information that Sheridan would be making a return to the series to take part in the final season of the show. Monday morning on NBC’s Today Show, however, Sheridan denied the remarks. She exclaimed, “That’s news to me.”

Billy Bush, who was guest-hosting along with Kathie Lee Gifford, pressed her asking if she would come back if she was asked by Cherry. Sheridan admitted that she enjoyed playing the role but reminded Bush that she was killed off. “I loved her dearly, but they killed her! She’s dead,” Sheridan said. Bush pointed out that her role on the show could be in a flashback or like other shows, it could have turned out that the death was part of a dream sequence. “In other words, she’s saying no!” co-host Kathie Lee Gifford said in order to take the topic off the table.