Nickelodeon’s Voting For 2011 Awards Ceremony

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 06, 2011

The annual Nick Kids’ Choice Awards are just around the corner, set to air on April 2nd, and will be hosted by actor Jack Black. Today, the popular kids cable channel launched the official subsite where viewers of the network could log on and cast their votes on who they want to give the awards to at the green slime-fest of an awards show.

This year, viewers can log on and vote on who they want to win the KCA blimp. Such awards such as their favorite television program, their favorite cartoon, their favorite movie, favorite song, favorite book, favorite video, favorite singer and more can all be voted on at . At least 20 awards will be given at the show

The show is set to air live as usual at the Galen Center at the University of Southern California this year. You can expect a lot of surprise appearances from celebrities, as well as a lot of stunts to take place, not to mention a lot of slime.

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