Newborn Baby Dies After Being Mauled By Family Dog

Written by Timothy Ruth on Sep. 05, 2011

A newborn baby that was only two-weeks old was mauled by a family dog on Saturday as his mother watched the incident play out in horror.

The dog, believed to be a Labrador mix, was locked in another room away from the child but was able to make its way out of a set of French doors. Thomas Gilliland, a Harris County sheriff spokesman, said that after the dog made its way out, it found the baby sitting in an infant carrier. Gilliland said that the dog then proceeded to sniff the boy before it attacked him.

The mother of the child was watching outside through a window and she, along with other family members, raced inside to pull the baby away from the dog.

The child was then airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital around 8:15PM, where he died five hours later in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The undisclosed family had just moved into the northwest Harris County home in the Houston, Texas area. Kevin Patcha, a neighbor, said that they were renting the house. “It’s terrible and unexpected,” Patcha told The Houston Chronicle. “I can’t think of anything that would have led to this incident.”

The dog is being held in a kennel after being taken into the custody of animal control. The dog’s fate will be determined after 10 days of quarantine, according to reports.

  • Anonymous

    Never, never,never leave an infant alone with any dog. I don’t care if it is Lassie or rin Tin Tin..  You can not predict their reaction. And I am a dog owner.
    My deepest sympathies to the parents.

    • Anonymous

      Amen! How stupid can people be? 

  • Jbogin

    add another “never” to roneida’s comment

  • Ffffffffddssse

    That dog needs to shot in the face.

  • Jnkirk

    The dog was “locked in” another room. They did not knowingly leave this baby with the dog in the same room. How incredibly tragic.

    • Jstratt2

      Apparently the dog had a key.  repeat. never, never, never..

  • guest

    irresponsible owners. The dog doesn’t know better. That is the owner’s responsibility. I have a lab mix and a 4 month old and I KNOW to not leave the baby alone with my dog no matter how much I trust my dog. 

  • Imisspicasso

    very tragic indeed,,But what was the baby doing in an infant seat on the floor, while the mother was outside????????

    • Danabelle2009

      That’s what I’m saying. Sounds like some really shitty parents. And I thought the rednecks around here were fucking stupid. I just got done reading a story about another Texas family who let their 10 year old son die of dehydration after with holding him water for 10 days.

  • Mayzheng33

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  • breakerone

    never ever  leave an infant alone with an animal any kind of an animal . . .

  • HP123

    How come they let the dog live?  If its true what they say about Texans, someone there should have had a gun and shot that damn dog.  If that shit happens up here in Canada, we just kill the animal, not put it in jail for 10 days and then decide what to do with it.

  • J LO <3

    why would they do that? the baby shoulda been in a bedroom not in a room next to a dog… like wtf

  • Danabelle2009

    My sympathies to the parents as well, but come on. When you have a baby all animals should be put out. (With the exception of birds and fish, of course) Why in the hell were the parents and other family members outside while the baby was alone in the house with the dog anyway. Get a fuckin clue people.