New York Jets Lose Two Straight AFC Championships

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 24, 2011

For the second straight year Rex Ryan and the Jets head home one win shy of the Super Bowl. One more Championship game loss and Rex Ryan becomes the AFC’s version of Andy Reid. In the first half the Jets’ defense couldn’t stop a nosebleed. The Steelers ran all over the Jets. Rex Ryan’s team came out lifeless and punchless. They managed to plug up the nosebleed in the second half, but they couldn’t overcome the 21-point deficit.

The Jets also had some awful play-calling by the goal line that ended with the Jets scoring two points on a safety rather than seven on a touchdown. Those five points were the difference in the game. When you get down to the one-yard line on second-and-goal you have to punch it in. Period. Instead, miserable play-calling left the Jets empty. Why throw it on second and third downs? Why not pound it in with Shonn Greene? I just don’t understand it.

The Jets also had a couple of opportunities to intercept Big Ben that would have changed the game. Revis dropped a tough deep ball, but it was catchable for Revis’ standards. Rookie Kyle Wilson dropped a pass in the third quarter that hit him right in the face mask. Make those two plays, which would have tallied Big Ben’s interceptions to a total of four, and maybe the outcome is different.

Also, I know the Jets are “road warriors”, but this team needs to get some home playoff games. It’s hard to win in this league on the road week after week, especially against the talent found in the playoffs. We’ll be talking about this loss all off-season and maybe a lot longer with a potential work-stoppage looming.

For now, Jets fans will think about what could have been and how close this team came to the Super Bowl. And they’ll also think about how far this team still needs to go.

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