New Details On Ashley Greene, Joe Jonas Break-Up

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 19, 2011

As noted in the past few days, Twilight star Ashley Greene and Disney star Joe Jonas have broken up. In the days following the split, Greene was spotted with Kings of Leon guitarist Jared Followill, who were together as a couple meeting Greene’s father. Jonas was also spotted that day by the paparazzi alone, just after being dumped by Greene.

PHOTOS: Ashley Greene spotted with her new man Jared Followill in NYC

However, new details are coming to light regarding why Greene and Jonas broke-up. According to a source close to, Greene “scared Joe off with how serious she was getting about their relationship”. The site even notes that Greene mentioned that she wanted to get married to him, which she proposed last month, where she proposed that the two would wed in Florida. If Jonas was really as afraid of comitment as rumored, this could also be another nail in the coffin as to why the two broke up.

PHOTOS: Joe Jonas spotted in NYC by himself following split from Ashley Greene

As noted before, Greene is now apparently a couple with Followill, however, sources at HollywoodLife mention that the relationship between the two is hardly real and Greene is simply using the Kings of Leon star to to woo back Jonas. “There isn’t anything romantic going on between [Ashley Greene and Jared Followill],” a source states. They added, “They used to be an item, but right now they aren’t anything but friends.”

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