New Clues That Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Didn’t Break-Up

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jun. 27, 2011

Just this weekend we speculated that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may have been on the rocks based on statements made by Bieber himself. But that does not appear to be the case based on what Gomez was wearing as she was out promoting her film Monte Carlo. What was she wearing exactly? A couple of dog tags that had the letters “JB” inscribed in at least one of them — the initials of her alleged boyfriend. Despite Bieber and Gomez going out of their way to deny that they are an item — likely stemming from the death threats that Gomez continues to garner from Bieber’s younger, loyal fans for being linked to the pop star — they continue to drop hints that they are indeed an item.

PHOTOS: Selena Gomez with Justin Bieber’s name initialed on her dog tags — did Justin give them to her?

First it was the various shots of the two over the past month sharing intimate kisses and holding hands and now it is the dog tags that seemingly seals the fate and continues to break the heart of Bieber’s younger skewing female audience. Just this weekend, Bieber told a television program in New Zealand that he isn’t dating anybody. Instead, he said that he was “dating around”. About Gomez, he simply said that “she’s one of [his] best friends”. He added, “I think that’s an important thing in my life is dating around and having some sort of a personal life.”

PHOTOS: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez in Hawaii – get close inside the water

Gomez was wearing the dog tags in question on June 25th as she made an appearance at the North Shore Mall in Peabody, Massachusetts as she continues to make appearances at various locations to promote her new movie to her fan base. According to a correspondent that attended a question-and-answer session that Gomez appeared at this past weekend, she isn’t answering questions about Bieber or her personal life, but rather keeping it professional by only addressing movie-related questions.

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